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Knowing Roller Blinds In Singapore Better Is Wise

Updated: May 22, 2020

Do You Know Why Roller Blinds Are Popular In Singapore

In Singapore, some funny people made some lousy criticism about having roller blinds in their homes, and Window Blind Singapore going to discuss it. The fact is those house-owners have the misinterpretation that having blinds at home will seem ugly because they create an awful office-look for your cozy home, and make your window look boring. In this argument, Window Blind Singapore will unleash all the advantages of having the quality roller blinds in Singapore to prove to the roller blinds' haters wrong. When someone asks you how to define roller blinds in Singapore, and this is how you shall answer them. The roller blind is a modern window covering which has a piece of chosen fabric that attaches onto a round rotating tube. At this moment, we will name a few characteristics of the roller blinds in Singapore and the benefits of having the roller blinds at home. As Window Blind Singapore shares with you on why knowing roller blinds in Singapore better is wise.

As everyone knows that Window Blind Singapore is the top reliable company because we have been this trade in supplying window coverings for more than twenty years with good business ethics and honesty. Based on our experience, we will say that having roller blinds or any window blinds is basic of the necessity for your windows if you are not a curtain lover. As you know roller blinds are popular on office windows because they are cost-efficient and very easy to maintain. That why roller blinds in Singapore may diffuse an industrial-feel and some clients may have an illusion that these window blinds may look uncomfortable if putting up at their home.

In case you are scouting for something simple that can cover your windows panels, roller blinds are the answer and they can be customized. Not to worry, they are available in a wide range of materials consist of dim-out, translucent fabric, sunscreen, and blackout fabrics that every type of material comes with even a larger selection of colors, prints, and patterns. Besides that, only exclusively at Window Blind Singapore, we can imprint your picture, for example, wedding photo or any cartoon character onto the fabric of the roller blinds. So assuming that the roller blind can be your beautiful wall picture and at the same time, they can cover up your ugly window to make your room looks unique.

The design of the roller blinds is sleek and they are easy to operate that even your grandmother surely knows how to function them. Flexibility, the fabric of the roller blinds relies on a pulley-like roller tube system to control either up-or-down movement. This clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation can be operated manually through our various types of chain mechanisms and they have passed through quality check on durability. Currently, we have the popular pulley-chain system, the spring system for longer blinds, the cordless-spring system for child's safety, and the weather-resistance heavy-duty spring chain system for outdoor balcony. Besides, having the hand-drawn manual system, Window Blind Singapore has several options on wireless motorized automation for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Unlike other styles of window blinds, roller blinds in Singapore offer absolute privacy, so you can even rest assuredly walk around in your room naked without fear. Like all window treatments, roller blinds can filter sunlight by darkening your room and they can shut off those destructive UV sun-rays from gradually destroying your furniture or your furnishing. If you get a good fabric for your roller blinds, they can perform like an insulator to keep your house cool when their fabric rolled down.

If any curtain Singapore company claims that their roller blinds can shut down noise disturbance, those people are bullshitting. In reality, all roller shades can only reduce road noises because roller blinds cannot fully cover the surrounding window gap areas where sound can get through. For the noise problem, you may consider adding on the thick curtain that covers the window wall entirely from floor to ceiling. A combination of any window blinds and thick curtains may minimize any unwanted external noise coming into your home so that you can enjoy a peaceful rest. When the fabric of the roller shades is fully retracted up to the ceiling or wall, they occupy the least space above with the only trace of their presence being its head-rail.

One more great value of having roller blinds is that they are incredibly simple to maintain and you do not need to engage any cleaning agency to do the blind cleaning for you. This is good news for you if you are a lazy person that seldom does housework. All you need is just a minute of your time if you are free, each roller blind essentially attach with one panel of fabric, which can be easily cleaned by wiping, simple feather dusting, or vacuuming. Please do not do the stupid thing by dismantling the roller blinds for washing, you may accidentally damage them for sure.

There is no way to install a curtain in the damp area unless you are using the shower curtain. If you wish to install the blind in the kitchen or toilet bathroom window, you may consider PVC Venetian blinds or roller blinds. For your info, they are the only window blinds in the world that are suitable to install in any highly-moist room. Please be aware that there are some lousy-quality roller blinds in the market that their structural parts and their components may not be water-proof and they are not advisable to install in the wet bathroom area. Before purchasing the roller blinds, you have to check with your window blind provider and try not to get scam by them. Indeed, a good quality roller blind has to be water-proof and their moist-resistance fabric can withstand a high percentage of dampness.

Having countless customized options, roller blinds in Singapore are versatile and they can darken the bedroom by outfitting with any blackout fabric for better quality rest. At the same time, a white translucent roller blind creates a clean and sleek aesthetic that accommodates the contemporary design of your living hall. If you like to install roller blinds at the balcony, you must opt for a robust outdoor mechanism for the head-rail. The roller shades use for indoor and outdoor open areas look identical, but there is some special feature that can differential them. Window Blind Singapore will discuss it with you next time. For more details on our roller blinds, kindly visit our webpage at

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