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Singapore Day And Night Curtains Promotion

 Stretch your dollar on your unique curtains at Window Blind Singapore and save more money that you never experienced it before. We are the elite curtain Singapore supplier that only delivers high-grade premium fabrics and highly refined craftsmanship for customizing your curtains. Get the best deal now at our Singapore Day And Night Curtains Promotion and enjoy your curtain shopping experience with us.

We Guaranteed You The Best Offer In Our Singapore Curtain Promotion

Singapore may enter a recession in this year of 2020 because of the blast from the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in job losses and businesses collapse. Many people may stress out and they are trying to cut costs of investing in window treatments. Out of goodwill, Window Blind Singapore will lower down our price further by organizing this Singapore Day And Night Curtains Promotion is to help our customers to tide over the tough period and able to purchase their beautiful curtains within their budget. In the overall decorating budget, customized blackout curtains in Singapore may often cost more than you expected, especially when you decide on day and night curtains with dual rails for all the rooms. But the costs will also depend on what types of materials you choose and what sort of design you prefer for your house. During our Singapore Day And Night Curtains Promotion, we assure you you can reduce those costs for yourself if you engage us as your curtain provider. This is not a sales gimmick because Window Blind Singapore is a curtain Singapore supplier for many years. Unlike most curtain contractors, our company did save a lot of money by importing our textiles and materials directly from overseas without going through any local middlemen. Besides that, we have our in-house team and we can supervise our production. Under urgent circumstances, if you need to fix up your curtains urgently, we are the only ones in Singapore who can fulfill your order within working three days. So we hope that you can enjoy our Singapore Day And Night Curtains Promotion, get your right curtains, and save more money with Window Blind Singapore.

Save More On Our Unbeatable Singapore Day And Night Curtains Promotion HDB BTO Flats Packages

Our curtain Singapore HDB BTO flats packages include:

Heavy-duty normal straight curtain tracks for rooms.

More than 300 curtain fabric designs and colors.

Up to 95% Blackout fabrics with double pleated curtain stitching.


Korean PVC adjustable curtain hooks.

Curtain fabric tie-belt with sidewall hooks.

One year warranty on materials and workmanship

Many people complain that it is unaffordable to customize day and night curtains in Singapore because the price here is damn high. The reason is most of the curtain vendors in Singapore always outsource their curtain sewing work to another party. This practice will rack up their manufacturing costs, and so the customers have to bear the higher expenses in getting their curtains done up. Unlike Window Blind Singapore, we have an experienced team of dedicated in-house curtain sewers who can supervise the quality-checking on the curtain sewing process. This will lower down our costing of these curtains and we can pass this saving to our customers through our Singapore Day And Night Curtains Promotion.
Curtains are essential in our daily life and it is impossible to fulfill tasks without them. If you have a budget constraint and you are sourcing for some cheap window coverings, we have great news for you. No one will provide the lowest price in Singapore for HDB BTO flat curtain package other than Window Blind Singapore. However, we offer the best quality fabrics and highly skilled craftsmanship for fabricating your curtain. Our premium night curtain promotion package as low as S$388 including tracks, railing, and installation. Visit us now and do the comparison.

No Hidden Cost And No Extra Top-Up

HDB BTO Premium Night Curtain Promotion Packages


HDB BTO 2-rooms from S$388

HDB BTO 3-rooms from S$588

HDB BTO 4-rooms from S$788

HDB BTO 5-rooms from S$988

Translucent sheer day curtain adds S$100 for each room.

Special Promotion Premium Night Curtains 

For New And Existing Condominium Apartments, Or Existing And HDB Resale Flats


Made To Measure

Premium Curtains

@only S$80.00 per meter run

More than 500 selection of designs and colors.

standard curtain tracks, essential curtain accessories

With fixture are inclusive.

Additional regular translucent sheer day curtains are

@only S$45.00 per meter run

Many people think it is expensive to put up some new curtains for their existing flat or a new condominium apartment. There is a Singapore Day And Night Curtains Promotion organized by Window Blind Singapore. Their price is unrivaled and they have a vast array of materials for you to confuse on. If you are looking for advice on their products, their staff will be there to assist you. You never believe that they offer the lowest rates of S$80 per foot run on customizing the premium curtains. If you want to source for some good curtains at a cheap price, Window Blind Singapore is your answer.
Curtains not only enhance the atmosphere of a room, but they will also upgrade the statue of your house by turning your cottage into the palace. No one knows why they called day and night curtains only in Singapore. Many of our clients nicknamed us as the curtain guru because we are the best knowledgeable curtain supplier in Singapore. Only able to perform well during the daytime, the day curtain is any light fabric that is translucent, able to provide some privacy, and concurrently, it still allows external light to filter through your room. The night curtain is another category of fabric with a top level of opaqueness which can be the standard, dim-out, or the blackout curtains. These night curtains perform better than in the bright daytime by offering absolute privacy, and they can isolate you from the colorful world.

How Do Day And Night Curtains Sparkle Your Room

This topic is strictly for Singapore day and night curtain lovers only, others are not welcome here. We need to warn you that when you are thinking of installing the brand new day and night curtains, the choice of design, colors, prints is critical. Any mistake made by you or your interior designer, you will ruin the design concept of your surrounding. In the olden days, everyone should understand that curtains kept the house warm by blocking the cold from outside, provide privacy, and shut off the light from outside. Nowadays, most windows made of transparent glass and imagine your life without curtains or any window treatments in Singapore. You cannot walk happily naked around your house or you cannot sleep with ease, and the worst case you may develop paranoia can be a symptom of mental illness, thinking someone or ghost might stalk you outside your windows. In this new era, curtains, especially day and night curtains, not only ensure privacy for you and they can improvise your surrounding by camouflaging your ugly windows. This day and night curtains are the kings of all window treatments because they have the unrivaled choices of materials, designs, and colors. Let us assume that the day curtain is the white long sleeve shirt and the night curtain is the tuxedo. When you dress up these two appealing curtains together in any of your rooms, they will sparkle like a firework.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Custom-Made Day And Night Curtains 

How do I get a proper quotation on day and night curtains from you?

You can provide us with the floor plan, the dimension on the width and height of the window curtain, and your essential requirement.

What will be better to go for an on-site curtain quotation?

We always encourage our customers to come to visit our office to view more of our curtain samples and understand more about our stitching designs. So do make an appointment with us and remember to bring along the floorplan, and the measurement.


How many types of designs and colors you have for the day and night curtains?

As the reputed curtain Singapore supplier, we have more than 1000 types of curtain fabric designs and colors based on polyester, cotton, satin, silk for day and night curtains.

What is the cost price to customize your curtains in Singapore?

Competitively, our customized curtains in Singapore are as low as S$80.00 per meter run, and we also provide various HDB BTO curtain packages ranging from S$388 to S$988.

Compared to overseas online customized curtain company, what is the difference in price and services?

We acknowledged that ordering online curtains from Taobao, Lazada, or any other platform is cheaper than any curtain Singapore companies. However, local curtain makers provide professional one-stop service from advice, choosing the material, measurement, installation, and one-year assurance.

What are the uncovered risks if I order online curtains?

However, we witness many disappointments with unbearable quality curtains, wrong measurement, no assurance, and unexchangable. Purchasing low budget curtains online through a beautiful photo is a danger because you cannot touch or feel and understand more about the fabric materials. Most overseas curtain supplier may try to save cost and fabric usage. When arrived, the curtains may not have pleats or may have lesser creases, so this will make the curtains less waviness, look cheap and ugly.

What are your Singapore curtain promotion packages include?

Up to 300 to 500 selection on our curtain designs and colors for viewing, our curtain packages promotion includes a set of double-pleated header curtains with PVC adjustable hooks, a pair of fabric tie belts for each room. Not forgetting standard straight curtain tracks, we also provide metal sidewall hooks with labor installation.

Can I bring my ID to help me select my window curtains or blinds?

 Choosing the designs, the textures, or the colors of the curtain can be confusing to some customers? We are okay that some house owners may need to bring down their interior designers and ask them for an opinion on their soft furnishings. 

Do you iron the curtains first before installing it in my house window?

Usually, we will iron the completed curtains in our workplace, and we fold them up in the plastic bag. Unfortunately, there may have some folding wrinkles when we hang up the curtain on the tracks, but these wrinkle lines will slowly diminish within one month.

I got the existing curtain tracks above my windows, can I just buy the fabric curtains without your railing?

If you need to replace your old curtains with the existing curtain tracks, we can individually provide you with a satisfactory quote. If you just need our curtain tracks, it is also okay for us.

Do you have cheap budget curtains for my rental premises?

Yes, we do have many property agents sourcing for cheap budget curtains, and we have selected ex-stock on sales. You can talk to our curtain Singapore specialists about it.

What is the duration to customize the day and night curtains?

Upon confirmation and stock-checked, the day and night curtains will be ready for installation within 7 to 10 days.

Do you also customize fire-retardant curtains for my office?

Many offices, workplaces and commercial areas in Singapore required fire-retardant curtains to prevent any future fire hazard. At Window Blind Singapore, we have fire-retardant textiles that can customize into the lovely curtains.

How about sound-proof curtains or shower curtains?

To reduce noise from crowded Singapore, some clients may opt for sound-proof materials for their curtain for their bedroom so that they can rest well without disturbance. We admit that ordinary curtains can reduce a certain level of noise but unfortunately, we do not specialize in sound-proof drapes that eliminated sounds for the internal. Moreover, we do not customize shower curtains too.

When is the best time to install my curtains during the renovation?

During the renovation, when the house is entirely clean, it is the best time to install the fabric curtains. If you urgently need to fix up the curtain, you can install the rails first when the painting work and the window grille work completed. 

How to maintain and clean my curtains?

Different curtain materials need various ways of washing, some can dry clean, and others require the delicate wash. However, you can check on the washing instruction labels on our fabric sample for advice. Alternatively, our curtain guys will advise you on the cleaning maintenance when you make the selection on the samples.

Any warranty on the customized curtains?

For the installation of curtain tracks, we provide one year warranty on the materials and curtain track fixture. For the significant defect of the fabric curtain on discolor and shrinkage, we also offer one to one exchange within one year.

Curtains or window blinds? Write to us or tell us your requirement @8749 8988

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