Metal Venetian Blinds In Singapore

Buying A Quality Aluminium Metal Venetian Blinds In Singapore

Venetian blinds have many parallel horizontal columns stacked, known as thin metal slats. Venetian blinds in Singapore are fabricating in varying widths and aluminum metal materials. These versatile window shades can easily control the required amount of light needed for your room and prevent rain from entering the room. These metal slats window blinds tend to accumulate lesser dust, and they are the minor maintenance of all window coverings. The ability of the aluminum metal Venetian blinds in Singapore to obtain absolute privacy makes them very popular for most of home and office window. Thus, opting for Venetian blinds for one’s window or door is the unregretted choice to make.

Tell you more about the 25mm aluminium metal Venetian blinds In Singapore

How do we charge for the 25mm metal Venetian Blinds at Window Blind Singapore?

We have two types of 25mm aluminum metal Venetian Blinds. With installation, the opaque type will cost S$4.90 per square foot and the perforated type will cost S$5.50 per square foot.

Knowing more about our mechanic system of the Venetian Blinds

There are also two types of system for these 25mm Venetian blinds in Singapore. One is the two-control side cord system and the other is called one bar integrated control.

Where do we import our mechanic system of the Venetian Blinds?

For your info, our mechanic system of the 25mm Venetian blinds imports from a reliable supplier in South Korea and Taiwan. We guaranteed you that when you operate on our Venetian blinds, you will sense the difference.

The duration to supply and install the Venetian Blinds?

Generally, our Venetian blinds will take around one week to fabricate and assemble in the factory during the off-peak season. The onsite installation will take around 15 minutes per screens.

Our Previous Works On 25mm metal Venetian Blinds in Singapore

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