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Curtain Singapore

Honestly, at Window Blind Singapore, we dare to assure you that our imported fabrics which select for curtain customizing are of premium quality. As the main curtain Singapore supplier, you will spoil for choice while browsing our store at 594 Geylang Singapore, but our curtain consultants will assist you in making the right decision fast with their expertise and advice.

Discover The Hottest Issue On The Curtain Singapore Design

Always attached to the curtain track rails or curtain rod, the curtains are pieces of movable fabrics that are hanging at the ceiling top or wall area. They form a screen to shut out the light from the windows or doors, adorn any rooms, increase privacy, and make you feel secure. Years of experience as the curtain Singapore supplier, choosing the right curtains for your windows can protrude the air of liveliness and elegance to suit and boost up the image of your surroundings. Rest assured, most curtains can be washable, and they are the cheaper option than having any types of window blinds. In the curtain Singapore industry, there are many types of textile materials such as satin, cotton, polyester, linen, wool and other from the different country of origin, can affect the price tag of your curtain making. Priority, it is also crucial to obtain a suitable quality material, so that the color of the curtain materials will not fade or will not shrink after sometimes. However, Most people are laymen when wanting to buy the ready-made, or customized curtains in Singapore require professional help from the reputable curtain shops.

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Nowadays, it is easy to locate any curtain shops in Singapore to get your curtains done up, but it is difficult to get the competitive quotes. Without compromising our quality and good-workmanship, we are the best curtain Singapore supplier that indeed offers the lowest price within your budget.

Since 1995 until now, Window Blind Singapore has always proven that we are capable of providing supports and services for every customers' needs and demands. More than two decades of experience in curtain making, all the fabrics imported from the reliable oversea factory have undergone strict quality checking by us. By providing one year warranty on the materials of the curtains against discoloring, shrinkage, and pilling, we ensure our customers are getting the quality products from us. With our board ranges of curtain fabric materials like polyester, cotton, linen, wools, silks, and other synthetic threads, we will able to satisfy our clients' selection with more exclusive designs, prints, and colors. Here are the types or styles of the curtains we provide as follows


Day curtains

Night curtains

Dimout curtains

Blackout curtains

fire redundant curtains

Motorized curtains

Curtains valances

Types of curtain sewing designs

Common Types Of Custom-Made Curtains That You Will See In Singapore

Day curtain is the soft and light fabric which has lovely translucent qualities. The wonderful thing is it can allow the natural light to flow through your room without needing to cover up the scenic views. This allows you to cut down on your electrical cost by switching off your electric light during the daytime while you can enjoy privacy in your room. You must remember to shut off your window because these day curtains are highly combustible. Worst-case scenario, your irresponsible neighbor may throw down a lighted cigarette that lands on your curtain, and this may cause a fire hazard to your house.

Day Curtains In Singapore

Day curtains are the standard window coverings that can block sun-glare, shutting down excess light, improve privacy, and even create a subtle light sensation in your room. However, this day curtain only performs its task well during the daytime, but when the nightfall, they are useless. The reason that we name them as the day curtains in Singapore is they cannot even provide a small level of privacy for your room in the dark. This material of the day curtains are sheer, net, lace, and organza which can find in certain stores in Singapore. They are usually thin, lightweight, and translucent materials. However, the day curtains are highly combustible, they will ignite a fire hazard when your irresponsible neighbors throw down a lit cigarette butt that may land on your curtains. There have more variety of designs, patterns, and colors of day curtains for you to choose from at Window Blind Singapore. Although these day curtains are soft, they make a brilliant partition tool by helping to cover up the ugly windows and make your place look tidy. Importantly. they have excellent translucent qualities in filtering natural light and allowing sufficient light from outside to flow through without needing to sacrifice your exterior views.

In Singapore, night curtains are the usually heavy fabric that provides a better level of privacy than other window treatments. These curtains not only shut off the external light from the door or window, but they can also block off everything such as heat, insects, dust, and smoke. A good night curtain offers us peace of mind, relaxation, and a good night’s sleep, so we can have better health.

Night Curtains In Singapore

In Singapore, night curtain is another layer of thicker fabrics that have higher opacity than the day drapes, and it always exposed to the scorching sun. Anyway, you can add the lining behind this heavy fabric, it will prolong its lifespan and prevent its color from fading. When you are relaxing or do homework, the night curtain can provide you with a higher amount of unsurpassed privacy most of the time without stress. Whenever no one at home, you have to always remember to draw the curtains closed or else it may invite a burglar in. So this fabric screen can even enhance the security of your house against burglary. Besides using them as a normal window covering, the night curtains are the ornament that can spice up your dull room. During the bright daytime, these heavy curtains can fend off the up to 90% of brightness and darken the room for you so you can fulfill your activities like sleeping or watch TV. However, every fabric material served an original purpose, these heavier curtains even reduce a certain level of noise from external if you get the right materials from the pro. All the while, it does not matter whether you have any day curtain or window blinds, having a night curtain is good enough to cover up your window and protect your home.

In hot Singapore, blackout curtains are the perfect solution for the bedroom as they want to conceal the morning sunlight from killing your sleep. Surprisingly, if you customized the superior-quality blackout curtains from Window Blind Singapore, they can also reduce outside noise from entering the room. Some people who operate at shift work may experience negative health issues because of their irregular sleep habits. Fortunately, blackout curtains can create the ambiance of night anytime in the bedroom and these people will not suffer from any health problems in the future.

Blackout Curtains In Singapore

Sleeping during the day can be difficult because of the sunlight. Blackout curtains that have the room-darkening features built into the fabric can create total darkness by blocking out 100% of unwelcomed sunlight from streaming into the room. Their blackout fabrics need to undergo the completed process of coating the material with 1 to 4 pass-coated, which determined the percentage of light to kill off. For your advice, you should not rely on blackout curtains too much because they are bad for your sleeping habit. Another bonus is the blackout curtains can also create complete darkness for your home theater system, so you can relax and watch your favorite movie. In Singapore, the price of the blackout curtains is higher than the standard one, but they are an excellent investment. During the daytime, you need not switch on the air-conditioner, the blackout curtains can reduce energy costs by cutting down the amount of sunlight and UV rays that boil up your room. Besides that, they protect your interior furnishings such as furniture or timber flooring against cracks or fading by sun damage. Most of all, blackout curtains shouldn’t be ironed, bleached, or placed in the washing machine because of their often synthetic backing may peel off. To maintain these curtains well, follow the care instructions carefully on the curtain’s label and ask our consultant about the cleaning methods.

In Singapore, if you want to install an office curtain at your workplace, you need to comply with an important building rule. Strictly only use the approved fire redundant fabrics that fulfill the NFPA requirements and standards to customize your curtains for commercial areas.

Fire Retardant Fabric Curtains In Singapore

Fire hazard is one of the serious problems, and this can avoid socially. Under the ruling of BCA or SCDF, it is illegal not to comply with the rules of installing the fire-redundant fabric curtains in Singapore for hospitals, schools, theatres, offices, hotels, commercial retail spaces, and the lists go on. This requirement ensures public safety by preventing the fire from burning vigorously or spreading rapidly. As an experienced curtain maker, I share with you that all fabrics are combustible, but there are certain types of textiles like polyester, acrylic, or nylon resist fire ignition at much higher temperatures than natural fibers. However, most of the fabrics can undergo three types of fire-resistant treatment to certify to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements and standards. At Window Blind Singapore, we have an insane range of fire redundant fabric curtains for selection. If anyone here has suffered from what psychologists called pyrophobia, you may consider these fire-redundant fabric curtains for your room. 

The fabrics of the Korea Smart Unislat Curtains are anti-pollutant coated to prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and other harmful allergens. Every layer of the slat can be hand-washed or wipe with a cloth. Visit Window blind Singapore now to more information.


Korean Smart Vertical Slat Curtains are similar to the Luminette® Privacy Sheers of Hunter Douglas compared to their structural design. They fabricate from the highest quality 100% lightweight polyester materials which are very moderate thickness with soft textures. The Korean Smart Vertical Slat Curtains operate like any normal window treatment, and they can function manually or automatically in two ways. You can rotate on the wand stick cord control, and the fabric slides back and forth to secure our privacy. Hence it allows the gentle breeze and sunlight to flow through the mesh textured fabric surface. Every layer of this fabric is anti-pollutant coated to prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and other harmful allergens. Each slat can be hand-washed or wipe with a cloth. There are a few awful shits about the Korean Smart Vertical Slat blinds which other bogus curtain contractors will not reveal to you. However, the vertical slat curtain may look fantastic, or goes well with any interiors, and highly maintainable. They cannot block completely out the sunlight, but they can only cut off up to 80% of exterior light. Before deciding on the fabric materials, you need to survey the incoming light for your bedroom first. Worst of all, the Vertical Slat Curtains are the lousy thermal insulator and they do not reduce the heat from entering your room. So you may need to install solar films for your window glass to solve this problem. Having these vertical slat curtains do not come cheap, it will cost more than S$1000 just to install a four-panel glass window per room. If you do not have that budget, please never mention about these Korean smart curtains to us.

Automated motorized curtain track system allows you to open or close your curtains, at the same time or individually, with a simple touch of a button on the control. It's worth noting that there are several different brands of electric curtain tracks available in Singapore, and they will differ in cost, function, and other specified practical issues which have to take into account.
The Convenience Of Having The Automation Motorized Curtain System In Singapore

Whether at home or workplace, having the electric motorized curtain systems are very convenient, and they are easy to install. Especially for some unfortunate individual who are sick or have limited mobility, and you can get them fixed. Once the tracks are put up, you can hang whatever choice of curtains you desired, by using standard curtain hooks you have. However, the width of motorized curtain tracks can be custom-built for your windows. Once you get them installed, you'll be able to open and close your curtains with ease by using finger-tip on the remote control or wall switches. When your friends, relatives, or clients who come to visit your home or office, they will make a good impression on you, and it will make you feel proud.

We Will Show You Few Of Our Recent Curtain Projects In Singapore
 Window Blind Singapore has just put up a solid color block-out drapes at Farrer Park Singapore. If you got insomnia problem and some light from outside your bedroom window may get in your way of having a good sleep, our curtain Singapore expert would recommend our blackout curtain series for you to ease your sleeping difficulties. This type of fabric-treated curtains can prevent 100% of the light from entering your bedroom, and they also provide absolute privacy by blocking all the view into the room.
Made to measure curtains can be expensive in Singapore. If you do not want to spend too much money on customizing curtains for your rental house, you may as well consider having low budget flat curtains panel. The cheap flat curtain panel is easy to fabricate compared to other styles of drapes, and the wastage of the fabric is not so much as the favorite double pleated curtains.
During the day, the day and night curtains can enhance privacy, cut down sun glare, heat and beautify your room by camouflage the ugly window and door panels. During the bright daytime, the day curtains create a subtle light sensation on your surrounding, but the night curtain can only cut down the external light source.
The short form for snake curtains is called S curtain, and the design is similar to eyelet or wave curtain. If you keen on S curtains to be put up in your house, you may also need to install the selected curtain railing which we called it S tracks.
The right curtains not only can offer absolute privacy, but it can also nourish the concept of your room design. Our bedroom is the place where we retire at the end of the day, and we have to install the suiting curtains that can bring coziness and comfort to our resting area.
Always bear in mind to keep the windows closed when you drew up the curtains. It is because the day curtains are the combustion material and it will ignite fire hazard when your irresponsible neighbor may accidentally throw down a light cigarette.
Last week, Window Blind Singapore just installed a set of day and night curtain at Sembawang Singapore. Any ideas why are they called day and night curtains in Singapore? Day and night curtains are two sets of curtains hanging together. One set is light and translucent materials; the other night curtain is heavy and thick fabrics. These types of thin, see-through materials which made of lace, organza or polyester, can only function well only in the daytime that why they are called day curtains.
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