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Curtain Singapore

Accomplished by the top-notch curtain Singapore supplier, Window Blind Singapore. These customized brown curtains upgrade the atmosphere of the living room with style and coziness.

The Importance Of Having The Curtain In Singapore 

As the pioneer curtain supplier in Singapore, we understand the importance of finding the perfect window treatments to dress up your home. Our curtains offer more than just privacy – they bring elegance and vitality to any space. Unlike window blinds, they are affordable and easy to clean. At Window Blind Singapore, we only use high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting color and durability. Whether you're looking for ready-made or customized curtains in Singapore, our professional team is here to help you make a smooth sailing shopping journey for you.

Our Assurance in Singapore Curtain Services

Window Blind Singapore put up these eye-catching white curtains in this jewelry retail shop at Jem, Singapore. These curtains inject luxury and a warm ambiance to the place.

Since 1995, Window Blind Singapore has consistently shown its capability in providing exceptional support and services to meet every customer's needs. With over two decades of experience in curtain making, we import fabrics from trustworthy overseas factories and subject them to rigorous quality checks. To ensure our customers receive high-quality products from us, we offer a one-year warranty on curtain materials against discoloration, shrinkage, and pilling. Our wide range of curtain fabric materials includes polyester, cotton, linen, wool, silk, and other synthetic threads, offering our clients exclusive designs, prints, and colors for selection. Our curtain styles include day curtains, night curtains, dim-out curtains, blackout curtains, fire-retardant curtains, motorized curtains, and curtain valances, as well as various sewing designs.

Common Types Of Custom-Made Curtains In Singapore

This day curtain in the living hall has a soft and light fabric that possesses lovely translucent qualities. It allows the natural light to flow through the room and brighten the place.

Day Curtains In Singapore

Day curtains in Singapore block sunlight, enhance privacy and create a soft light. However, they do not provide nighttime privacy. They are made of sheer, net, lace, or organza and come in various designs and colors. Despite their flammability, day curtains contribute to a tidy appearance, cover unsightly windows, and allow natural light to filter through while maintaining exterior views. 

Night Curtains In Singapore

In Singapore, night curtains are an essential investment for your home. Made of thicker fabrics with higher opacity than day drapes, these curtains offer enhanced privacy and security. You can even add a lining to prolong their lifespan and prevent color fading. By keeping your home dark even when you're not there, night curtains deter potential burglars and enhance the safety of your home. These night curtains also serve as decorative ornaments and block up to 90% of brightness during the day, creating a cozy environment for activities like sleeping or watching TV. Additionally, sound-reduction curtains can reduce external noise, and it is an effective way to cover windows and protect your home.

A good night curtain offers undisturbed privacy in the bedroom. It allows us peace of mind, relaxation, and better sleep, so we can have better health.
The blackout curtains block out the light from the window, and they are the perfect solution for the bedroom as these curtains prevent the morning sunlight from killing your sleep.

Blackout Curtains In Singapore

Do you struggle to sleep during the day due to sunlight? Blackout curtains with built-in room-darkening features can block out unwelcome sunlight completely, creating the perfect environment for deep and restful sleep. They also produce an ideal setting for a home theater system and can lower energy costs by reducing the need for air-conditioning. Additionally, they protect interior furnishings from sun damage. However, avoid relying too heavily on blackout curtains for sleep, and follow the fabric care instructions for maintenance. To ensure the longevity of these curtains, consult our curtain experts for cleaning advice.

Fire Retardant Fabric Curtains In Singapore

Fire hazard is a serious problem, and they can be avoided. In Singapore, you must abide by rules and regulations. It is illegal not to install fire-redundant fabric curtains in hospitals, schools, theatres, offices, and hotels. These curtains help prevent fires from spreading rapidly. Fabrics like polyester, acrylic, or nylon resist fire at higher temperatures. Most fabrics can undergo fire-resistant treatment to meet safety standards. At Window Blind Singapore, we offer a range of fire-redundant fabric curtains for selection, which can be helpful for those with a fear of fire.

The red curtain is on fire in the office! Strictly use the approved fire redundant fabrics that fulfill the NFPA requirements and standards to customize your curtains for commercial areas.


The Korea Smart Unislat Curtains are anti-pollutant coated to prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and other harmful allergens. Every layer of the slat can be hand-washed or wiped with a cloth.

Korean Smart Vertical Slat Curtains are similar to Hunter Douglas' Luminette® Privacy Sheers in design and style. With this high-quality, lightweight polyester fabric, these curtains offer privacy while allowing some light and air to pass through. However, they only block up to 80% of exterior light and do not provide good thermal insulation. Installation costs are high, so consider your budget before purchasing.

The Convenience Of Having The Automation Motorized Curtain System In Singapore
The customer is operating the automated motorized curtain track system that allows the fabric to draw open or close with a simple touch of a button on the control.

Upgrade your space with electric motorized curtain systems. These systems are easy to install and customize for your windows. They provide convenience, especially for individuals with limited mobility. Open and close your curtains effortlessly using a remote control or wall switches, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Elevate your space with motorized curtain systems.

We Will Show You Few Of Our Recent Curtain Projects In Singapore
 A pair of solid-grey color blackout curtains with track rails are installed successfully at Farrer Park Singapore. These blocking-out drapes cut off light from the external.
The window is hiding behind a pair of gold flat-top curtains. These non-design drapes do not require much fabric to fabricate and they are cost-effective.
The white day and brown night curtains in this bedroom can enhance privacy, cut down sun glare, and beautify your room by camouflaging the ugly window and door panels.
The brown curtains fit perfectly in the bedroom, and the drapes blend well with the surroundings.
These customized blue eyelet curtains hang steadily with a white wooden rod in the baby's bedroom in Bedok, Singapore.
In the master bedroom, this block-out curtain kills the light and offers absolute privacy, but can also nourish the concept of this room design.
The stunning red curtain blooms perfectly at the ballet class in Singapore. According to commercial regulations, the fire redundant fabric shall required to fabricate these curtains.
A set of day and night curtains made by Window Blind Singapore covers well onto the glass door at Sembawang Singapore.
This scallop tail design day and night curtains in the living room diffuse the sense of authority and warmth. The cost of fabricating these drapes is stunning.
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