Korea Rainbow Blinds In Singapore

Welcoming our Korean Combi blinds to Singapore

Combi blinds also known as rainbow blinds, and Korean blinds are one of the most versatile roller shade for window covering needs.  Designed with two layers of over-lapping sheer-like to room darkening fabric materials, this type of trendy blinds has the most extensive selection of styles, colors and price points in Singapore. Recently, Combi Blinds have been introduced to Singapore lately, and they receive a good response from our customers. By operating the string pulley system, these fanciful window blinds have two combination layers of perforated and dim-out materials that rotate either anti-clockwise or clockwise direction which allows adjusting the amount of light desired into your room. It is how they obtain their short form name as Combi blinds, and they can blend into any modern theme and contemporary design concept of the house and office. Window Blind Singapore offers the most elegant Korean Combi blinds in Singapore that will perfectly fit your doors or windows, your style, and your budget. If you have any question about these trendy blinds, do not hesitate to contact us.

Identify our Korean Combi blinds in Singapore

What are the charges to put up the Korean Combi Blinds?

Depend on what type of fabric you choose, we supply and install a set of Korean Combi blinds are range from S$8.50 to S$15.00 per square foot net price.

Are Korean Combi blinds imported from South Korea?

The dual roller mechanic systems originate from South Korea which ensured effortless and smooth operating on the double fabric layers of Combi blinds.

What is the warranty period if there is any defect?

Upon full completion of the Korean Combi Blinds, Window Blind Singapore will entitle our customers to two years warranty against mechanism system defects.

How about the variety of colors and materials?

There are more than 50 colors and design styles for you to choose from and blend in well with the decoration of your surroundings.

How long will it take to order the Combi blinds and get it installed in my place?

Combi blinds are manufactured and assembled in South Korea. Upon measurement and confirming on the color material, it will take less than two weeks for the Combi blinds to arrive in Singapore.

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