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Vertical Blinds In Singapore

Our vertical blinds in Singapore are the great controller of light and they can either swivel open partially or entirely. Moreover, they create a subtle illusion of higher ceilings, giving your home or office that additional touch of elegance and class.

A few good points of having been installed the vertical blinds in Singapore

Nowadays in Singapore, Installing vertical blinds at home and in the offices are quite popular because they are ideal for offices and homes with full-length glass windows or glass doors. Among all the window blinds in Singapore, vertical blinds can consider quite economical and easy to operate without any hassles. The vertical slats are tiled overlapping, and it fits well with any irregular shape of the window panels. They are very versatile as they can also complement any bay windows or sliding doors as well. Vertical blinds can block harmful UV rays or irritating sun glare and still allow you to view the sight of the exterior scenery. These can give you more exclusive options and command over this type of blinds. Vertical blinds come in many colors and hard materials such as polyester and linen. It is essential to choose the right color tones so that your vertical blinds will complement any home design, painting color, or furniture well.

Tell us more about our vertical blinds in Singapore?

There are always questions about the cost price of our vertical blinds in Singapore. Every single piece of the vertical screen must exceed the minimum square foot of twenty, our imported vertical blinds with polyester slats will charge from $4.50 per square foot onward.

What is the cost price of the vertical blinds in Singapore?

Including installation, the cost of supplying the vertical blinds in Singapore is S$4.90 to S$5.90 per square foot. 

Where is the mechanism originate?

The mechanic systems originate from Korea which ensured effortless and smooth revolving of our vertical blinds from either two directions.

How many color selection you in in the sample?

We have more than 80 choices of colors and materials on the polyester slats design for you to select.

Any warranty for the vertical blinds once installed?

Our company provides two years warranty on the mechanic system against wears and tears. 

Vertical blinds like other window blinds cannot entirely block out the external light from intruding into the room. Even though the slats are swivel closed, the light still can be escaped through the vertical slats. This type of window shades works better in the office place.

Our Past Projects On Installing The Vertical Blinds In Singapore

If you are lazy and you need a set of blinds that do not get filthy quickly and are easy to maintain, vertical blinds are the right window blinds for you.
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