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Browsing happily for curtains and blinds at Window Blind Singapore. The most reliable curtain shop in Singapore. With over twenty years of history and the highest standard quality products assured.

Our History Of Window Blind Singapore

Here is the story about us. In 1995, Window Blind Singapore was born as a home-based customized curtain maker in the HDB flat, and now, we are one of the leading curtain shops in Singapore. For the past two decades, Window Blind Singapore continually provided top-notch products to create a beautiful, unique ambiance for every customer. Professionally, we are committed to providing our clients with our rational advice and thumb-up services on-site or at our curtain shop. Still updating, Window Blind Singapore has supplied different design styles of curtains and window blinds for more than ten thousand customers with our mission of 100% customer satisfaction. Our core vision is to provide continuously affordable products with great functionality. And we aim to be the most reliable curtain shop in Singapore.  

The Best Reputed Curtain Shop Offers The Products And Services In Singapore

A lot of beautiful curtains and blinds! Our curtain shop put up with many displays for viewing and feeling. Window Blind Singapore is located at 9 Little Road Singapore.

Unlike other Singapore curtain shops, some may have many hidden costs and scams, but we decided to make our deals transparent for you. There are a lot of overpriced curtain or blind products out there, and you have to be wary of that. At Window Blind Singapore, we promise you that our window coverings are good-quality products that assure value for money. Importantly, we can provide a broader range of affordable curtains and blinds in Singapore for all your needs with our best attention. If you require any blackout curtains, office blinds, or kitchen roller shades, we have a wide selection of materials in colors, designs, and patterns for you to choose from at our curtain shop. Rest assured, you can install your ideal curtains and blinds that will integrate and enhance the area that you desire. Please do not impulsively buy curtains or window blinds without comparing them with the best curtain shop in Singapore first. 

Nine  Reasons Why We Are The Best Curtain Shop in Singapore

Designer Tracy is indecisive about the best color and materials to choose for the curtains and blinds at our curtain shop. Right window shades express the surroundings.

We serve you for more than 20 years of experience in curtains and blinds industry

Window Blind Singapore is a local brand created by Lifestyles Element, and we established ourselves in 1995 as the reputed curtain shop in Singapore. We have completed more than 10,000 projects with satisfaction.

We ensure all our customers by providing two years warranty on our finished products

We are confident of our products. In Singapore, most curtain shops provide only a year warranty on window shades, but Window Blind Singapore offers up to 2 years warranty on our window coverings after complete installation.

We provide 100% price transparency and explain every detail on the product aspects

After making an appointment with us, Our best curtain shop Singapore expert will enrich your knowledge of our products, and we advise on the exact pricing to every client based on our website without any gimmicks.


We do not incur middleman fees, and it allows us to lower the retail price of the window blinds for our customers

Since 1995, Window Blind Singapore has widened our business circles overseas to update our catalogs. After years of trial and error, we became acquainted with reliable suppliers overseas without going through the local distributor middleman.

We have a vast range of design styles and materials for you to choose from 

Whether choosing blackout curtains, roller shades, or outdoor blinds, Window Blind Singapore has a variety of styles and materials that can fulfill every customer's preference, style, and concept.

We benefit our clients with free on-site assessment services for quotation

By fixing an appointment with Window Blind Singapore to visit your premises, we will survey, give advice, take the measurement and lastly provide you with the quotation without hidden cost.


Just install the white wooden Venetian blind in time at Jurong, Singapore. Punctuality is the essence of being the best curtain shop in Singapore.
Purchase from our best curtain shop. Our customer, Annie Tan, is checking on her night blackout curtains in her master bedroom upon completion.

Our Customer will enjoy the direct factory cost and save more money on window coverings

Without outsourcing on materials and workforce, Window Blind Singapore has a group of dedicated in-house curtain sewers and window blinds installers, so that we consistently able to check on our quality craftwork ,and pass the savings to our customers.

We promise you a punctual hassle-free installation with the excellent fitting craftwork

With the installation appointment fixed, our curtain installers will contact you advance one hour before reaching your premises. Our fast and dust-free installation will be done up within 1 hour professionally towards your satisfaction. Priority, we will take care of the cleanliness of your place.


We ensure you with an excellent after-sales service upon completion

If any problem arises in our window treatment products, you can call us immediately. Window Blind Singapore will send our technicians to your premises to rectify for you within less than three working days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to customize curtains or window blinds from you?
Window Blind Singapore can ensure that our products and services are value for money because we directly import our fabrics from overseas for curtain making and many types of window blind materials to Singapore. We do not rake up the cost by adding a recommendation fee or consultation fee through the middleman.

How I get a quick quotation from you?

Very simple, send us your measurement or floorplan through phone and tell us your requirement on your preferred window coverings. Within ten minutes, we will work out the best quote to you so that you can compare and work out on your budget.


How do I book an appointment with you?
Just call this number at 87498988 or call our office at 64089920, we will fix an appointment with you to come down to our shop to view and feel all of our materials that will provide you with the best options on the curtains or other types of window blinds.


How about an on-site appointment?

Seriously to prevent any misunderstanding, we encourage our clients to take the initiative to drop by to our curtain store with their floorplan or measurement to view the finished products, and we shall share with you our latest materials because we cannot merely bring all of our fabrics or products to your house with both hands.

Any warranty for the curtains or blinds by your company?
Yes, we provide 12 months warranty for our fabric curtains and up to 24 months warranty on our window blinds systems against natural wears and tears — the assurance of the curtain fabrics covered on the defects of discoloring and shrinkage. As for the window blinds, any errors on the roller system or mechanic parts will be replaced within seven working days the most if there is stock available.


Is any hidden cost involved?

Our quote stated is the net price, and no further additional charges shall not impose on you.

How much is the upfront deposit needed when finalized?

Upon signing, we will accept up to at least 40% of the total upfront payment before the commencement of works.


Upon confirmation, when will your curtain company come to install the goods?
We will come to install your window coverings within 5 to 10 days upon our stock checked and confirmation.

If I urgently need my curtains to put up fast, can you help me?

Yes, you can request it with no additional charges. We can arrange for you as soon as possible if there are stocks available for you.


What is the duration to fix up our window curtains or blinds on site?
No worry at all, our installation crews will take 2 hours or less for us to install your window coverings.


Will my house mess up with dust during the curtain installation?
No, with the assistance of our wall drill machine equipped with a dust vacuum device, we can complete our job hassle-free.

Upon completion of works, how do I make payment?

Our term is COD, upon completion, you can pay us by cheque or cash to our curtain installers, and we hoped for your future reference to us.


For further clarification, you can contact us directly at 87498988.

If you wish to know more about Window Blind Singapore, please click here.


Curtains or window blinds? Write to us or tell us your requirement @87498988

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