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How To Retrieve A Fast Curtain And Window Blind Quote From Us

At Window Blind Singapore, we share with you on how to measure your bare windows or doors, so that you can retrieve the quote on your preferred window treatments fast from us. Initially, you need to measure the width and height of your curtains and window blinds by deciding on where you want the window coverings to begin and end.
We just quote the curtain and blind at an office near Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.

The tips on measuring your window to get a fast estimate quote on your curtains and window blinds from us within minutes

Let us provide you with some tips on how to measure your window treatment in order to get a fast quote from us. If you want to put up any window blinds and curtains, you have to decide whether to install on the ceiling or just above the window panel. Importantly, if your area has excess space, you must provide at least 10 cm or 4 inches allowance for top and both side. In that case, your customized curtains and window blinds can gain better coverage against light and privacy unless it touches the ceiling or the wall. You may wonder how much do your window coverings going to cost you? The first thing that you have to determine the desired size of the window coverings by directly measure the window width and height. Once getting the dimension, you can check on our costs in the web pages, or you can text and call us directly at 87498988.

The diagram shows you the full detail on the tall windows or doors for your living or bedroom. There are three good examples of how you want to fix up your curtains or window blinds.

How To Measure Tall Window And Door For Your Curtains And Window Blinds

There is an example of a bare tall blue window and door in the above picture. Addition, we also provide your three images on how you want your future curtains and window blinds to cover on your window or door. Once you decided, please contact us and give us your information. Less than 5 min, we can present you with our quote. 

Let us discuss on the standard windows which most of us have in Singapore. You can consider putting your curtains or window blinds in four different ways as the picture showed. Once you decided on the fixture, please contact us for the quotation.

Getting Fast Quote On The Normal Window

On a standard window on the top left-hand corner, we have four diagrams for you to study so that you can have an idea on how to put up your curtains or your blinds for your windows. If you decided how your curtains or window blinds should place, please indicate and contact us.

The Fast Quote On Roller Blinds
 The picture shows you how we measure the window coverings such as roller blinds to determine its costs. All we need is just the width and height.

Sometimes, it is essential to plan out your budget before getting any curtains and blinds in Singapore. For example, the left picture shows a manual window roller blind, and it is measured at 1.5-meter width by 1.5-meter height. By converting the width and height to the feet measurement, it is 5 feet multiplied by 5 feet, which give you the dimension of 25 square feet. With the given size, you can find out the costing of this roller blind. At Window Blind Singapore, we charged at $4.80 per square foot, and that gives us the actual price of $112.50 inclusive of installation.

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