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Venetian PVC Blinds In Singapore

In Singapore, putting up the Venetian PVC blinds look enchanting and practical. However, most of us really cannot tell from its look whether this is a PVC blind or a timber blind. It is because the components, mechanism, and design are identical. The only difference lies in the material of slats used in fabricating this type of window blinds are PVC and wood.

Enchant your surrounding with the Venetian PVC blinds in Singapore

Resilience could be a critical factor in choosing the right blind material. The Venetian PVC blinds are robust, simple to wipe clean and come in many lovely colors. Despite the difference in materials between the slats, the PVC blinds in Singapore share the 100% similar design and physical outlook with the timber blinds. Why other people choose PVC blinds in Singapore, rather than timber blinds? The real reason is the PVC slat cannot get scratches quickly compared to the wood type. Venetian PVC blinds possess the layers of horizontal plastic slats which got various colors sample to choose from at Window Blind Singapore. However, many people have mistaken that PVC blinds can install in damp areas like kitchens and toilets. It is advisable to install the Venetian PVC blinds at the dry indoor area because the top hung mechanical system fabricated from the non-water-proof materials. We give you the worst scenarios example now. If the PVC blinds installed on the damp kitchen and toilets for some time, the mechanic system will rust and corrode. You can't operate the blinds anymore. Please take note that the plastic has a natural tendency to warp with excessive sunshine and heat when facing the glaring hot sun.

Knowing more about our Venetian PVC blinds in Singapore

For your info, the area with humidity like the bathroom toilets will cause the mechanism of the PVC blinds to corrode gradually. So it better to get some water-proof screen like roller blinds. Some people ask us what the cost to construct a 3 meter by 1-meter height PVC blind for balcony area is? According to the measurement of 3-meter height by 1-meter width, the PVC blind will cost S$300.00 with the delivery and installation.

How much do you charge for installing the 50mm Venetian PVC blinds in Singapore?

Without the fabric ladder tape, the costs of 50mm PVC blinds with supply and install are ranging from S$9.50 to $11.00 per square foot.

Where is the origin of the PVC blinds and its system in Singapore?

Quite similar to the timber blinds system, the internal mechanic systems which ensured smooth and straightforward revolving of our PVC blinds from Germany.

How long is the warranty on the PVC Blinds?

Only at Window Blind Singapore, we cover the operating system on every of our window blind with two years warranty and that including our PVC blinds.

How color selection you have for PVC blinds?

Compared to natural wooden blinds, PVC blinds have limited color selection, but at Window Blind Singapore, we have around ten colors for you to choose.

 One of the core value of Window Blind Singapore is to send our tip-top window covering products to our customer without complaint. Before sending our Venetian PVC  blinds for installation, our company QC will carefully inspect every angle of the products.
Each single pieces of the Singapore PVC blind on the photo will cost S$250 with the installation. The practicality of our PVC Venetian blinds is long-lasting and easy to use for any room.  Importantly, they can withstand repeated opening and closing, lowering and raising to adjust the light and sun protection, for home or office environment.

What is the duration period to get the PVC blinds ready for installation?

After confirming the color and material selection from us, it will take around 7 to 10 days for the PVC blinds to be able to install at your place.

The disadvantage of installing the PVC blinds in Singapore

Singapore has a hot climate and never place the PVC blinds directly towards the intensely hot sun because it will cause the PVC slats to frown at you by wrapping.

Our Venetian PVC Blinds' Gallery

What is a PVC window blind? In Singapore, PVC blinds are another type of window blinds constructed by joining together many horizontal slats on either side. Their plastic slats within the blind are adjustable from fully opened to closed and anywhere in between and they can be adjusted manually. Venetian PVC blinds are practical, slim, and straightforward to maximize space in a small area, like a walkway, small window.
Some customers may prefer PVC blinds rather than timber blinds. Why? It is because PVC blinds will not fade, and they do not need to refurbish.  They also have a great variety of colors, so that you can take your pick to blend well with your interior decor. For maintenance wise, PVC blinds are simple to wipe and clean.
At Window Blind Singapore, we received some calls enquired about our PVC blinds and its cost price. Let us share with you that our cost price of putting up the Venetian PVC blinds. For every single-blind, we charge S$200.00 minimum per piece, and each square foot will cost S$10.00 with vertical fabric ladder tape.
The windows of the master bedroom are classical wood-lookalike PVC Venetian Blinds
The vertical ladder tape of the white PVC blinds looks contrasting on the window.
PVC blinds are well suited in the minimalist design of the house.
Curtain Installer is repairing on the spoilt PVC blinds.
Window Blind Singapore just finished install a set of PVC blinds in Sengkang, Singapore.
Sheer curtain provides cozy feels and it mix well with the PVC blinds
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