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 Bamboo Blinds In Singapore

In Singapore, bamboo blinds have a beautiful classic, oriental, tropical look and feel but they are the torch of exoticness to any home. As far as reliability is concerned, bamboo is one of the most durable raw materials to use in furniture making. In fact, they can be custom-made and exhibit with different sprayed colors like black and white.

Create a unique oriental atmosphere with the bamboo blinds in Singapore

In Singapore, many interior designers and homeowners like the texture and the structure of the bamboo shades because they have the undescribable unique structure. Let us tell you more advantages of having the oriental bamboo blinds in Singapore. These bamboo chick blinds can be customized to any size that will suit your window with cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, they are attractive and highly durable compared to other contemporary window blinds that you can recall. Still in the market, bamboo is one of the hardest materials used for furniture building and construction. Can Bamboo shades able to blend in with the decor of your surrounding? However, bamboo chick blinds can be in natural color or spray into black and white vertical stripes or other fanciful colors you desire. Whether having them indoor or outdoor, these natural bamboo chicks or black and white bamboo blinds gorgeous filtered the light and make your home look welcoming. Conclusively, bamboo blinds can withstand up to any weather conditions, and fend off the intense sun. Furthermore, they are also incredibly moisture resistant, making them the perfect alternative to open area. If you are thinking of putting up any balcony blinds, you can put bamboo shades as a great option too. 

Get to know more about our bamboo blinds in Singapore


What are the charges to supply and install the natural color bamboo blinds without backing for my yard area?

Must exceeding the minimum of 30 square foot, our natural color bamboo blinds without PVC backing is S$6.00 per square foot with the installation.

Besides black and white stripes, do I have any color choices to choose from your side?

Not only vertical stripe black and white bamboo blinds, but we can also use other colors like yellow and grey to spray horizontally.

Where are these bamboo blinds from and where are they made?

We use the high-quality natural-treated bamboo from Thailand to weave and hand-crafted this type of traditional window shades locally so that it can prolong its lifespan.

To add PVC plastic backing to shut off the rain, how much money do I have come out?

We got varies of PVC color materials, such as white, blue, green or transparent for you to choose. The choice of PVC backing colors is chargeable a minimum rate of $1.00 to S$1.50 per square foot.

Having only the good-quality bamboo blinds will last for years in any window or any open area without fading, warping, or deteriorating. Besides being a significant decorative element, these oriental window shades can spray and transform into the beautiful black and white bamboo blinds or other enchanting colors that suit the design themes of the surrounding.
Unlike contemporary outdoor roller blinds, installing the bamboo blinds in the balcony is one of the economic window shades for outdoor that you may consider. Apart from cost-effective, these window blinds are eco-friendly, and they always highly recommended by architects and designers.

Once I order the black and white bamboo, when can you install?

For natural color bamboo blinds, it will take about one week for us to be ready for installation. But for black and white bamboo blinds, it will take about ten working days to deliver.

What is the lifespan of our customized bamboo blinds for outdoor?

Depend on where you install these shades and how you maintain it, the lifespan of the bamboo blinds is around five to ten years.

The cost of the spray-painted black and white bamboo blinds without backing?

The black and white bamboo blinds must undergo a four-level coat of spray paint, and the process takes about ten days to dry up. The cost price is S$8.50 per square foot with the installation.  

What is the maximum width of the bamboo blind that we can offer?

Somehow, there are some transportation issues. If you are living in a landed property, the maximum width of the bamboo blind that we fabricate is 3.6 meter. If you live in an HDB flat or a condominium apartment, the maximum width will be 2.7 meters.

Using bamboo blinds to cover your windows creates an eco-friendly statement, and it makes the positive impression of saving nature. Moreover, the color of bamboo accentuates any architectural design so having painted black and white bamboo blinds can deploy the colonial feel of the outdoors.

Our Past Projects On Bamboo Chick Blinds In Singapore

What is a black and white bamboo chick blind?  In Singapore, the natural color bamboo blinds have to be lacquer or spray paint for durability purposes. Bamboo blinds can spray into any color besides black and white or any design you prefer.
Window blind Singapore has the bamboo blinds manufacturing factory in Singapore, and we have been customizing bamboo blinds for years. Our bamboo materials directly imported from Thailand, and we are the leading local supplier. It means that our quote shall be much lower than the other curtain companies. The matter of facts, Bamboo blinds produce both a stunning look for your homes decor and environmental quality, which much sought after in this modern society.
These black and white painted bamboo blinds offer privacy in the outdoor balcony when they rolled down.
For outdoor shading purposes, you can go with the natural bamboo blind, which is a cheaper option compared to an outdoor roller blind. Bamboo blinds are suitable to install on the open outdoor balcony because bamboo is one of the hardest raw materials, and it can withstand harsh, humid weather in Singapore.
The curtain installer just tested on the installed bamboo blinds at the balcony.
This black and white bamboo blind do not look dull than the natural color.
If you intend to fix up sunscreen for your outdoor balcony, and you have a tight budget. Let us give you some advice. Among all window shades for outdoor, bamboo blinds are the economical and their price are low. At Window Blind Singapore, we offer $6.50 per square foot with supply, delivery, and install.
Black and white color is popular with many bamboo lovers
We have to save the earth and do our part for surrounding. Bamboos are fast-growing grass, and they look exactly like timbers. Therefore, we assured that bamboo blinds are made of an entirely renewable material, thus making them an environmentally-friendly choice.
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