Solid Wood Curtain Rods Singapore

 In Singapore, It is a privilege to install the solid wood curtain rods because they can boost up the quality finishes of the curtains, and these beautiful wooden poles can inject the unexpected luxurious feels into your ordinary surrounding.

What Can The Classical Solid Wooden Curtain Rod Offer To Our Home

Wood tends to be the most common material and most versatile option to use for putting up drapes. Solid wood curtain rods should relate closely to the rustic, country or oriental design themes of the room and these wooden curtain hangers can display a classical yet modest design intended to enrich your curtains without robbing the attention away from them. Fortunately, these timber rods are affordable, suitably distinguished looking and available from most curtain shops in Singapore. Importantly. They are uncomplicated to install, and they come in the different type of decorative wooden bracket can mount onto the ceiling or the wall of the windows. However, curtain wood poles complement well with Pocket Curtains, Eyelet Curtains, Cafe Curtains, and many ready-made curtains from other sources. You have to beware that most rods look the same but are entirely different qualities. Some rods manufacture from inferior soft wood that may decay and will break unnoticedly after a certain period.


For interior design planning, we focus on the dimension of the wood curtain rod to provide you with more detailed measurement. The thickness of our wooden pole is 27mm, and it is strong enough to hold up the hanging load weight of 15kg. Our protruding wall bracket of the solid wood curtain rod is 135mm, and it is easy to install. Somehow always remember, never put up the heavy curtain with more than 15kg on these wooden poles.

Get To Know More About Our Solid Wood Curtain Rods In Singapore

Our curtain poles made of solid hard rubberwood, and there are four different options of color from you to choose. For your info, we import them from Bangkok, Thailand. At Window Blind Singapore, we supply our ready-made wooden curtain rods from at least S$22.00per piece without labor installation. Our wooden pole can withstand the hanging load weight of 15kg, and we offer one year warranty for our materials against self-defect.  If you do not know how to install or too lazy to fix, you can leave it to us. For your information on our labor pricey, we charged at S$10.00 per meter run. Please be noted that our minimum job assignment for a per trip will be S$100.00 inclusive delivery.

Solid curtain rods may seem easy to install, but if you did not do in in the proper way, the wall bracket of the wooden pole will fell off after a while. To solve this problem, either you have to engage our in-house experienced curtain installer to mount the wood bracket, or you have to insert a particular wall mounting plug after you drill a hole.

Our Wooden Curtain Rod's Installation Cost

All the wooden rod's installation jobs are done up by our professional in-house curtain installers, and we guaranteed you that our works are backed up with one year warranty

Our promise to you that if the installation work fails within one year, we will repair at no cost to you.


For installing your wooden pole, we customize the width to fit your window, and we reasonably charge S$10.00 per meter run with the minimum cost of S$100.00.

Let's say that if you like us to install just only a 3-meter wooden curtain rod for a house, it will cost you S$100, not S$30 for the labor charge.

Another example that if you want to install 15-meter rods for your 5-rooms flat, we charge S$150.00 accordingly on our labor.

Selecting the correct color scheme can influence your entire surrounding, we have four different choices of vibrant color for the solid wood curtain rod, which are white, walnut, black, and teak color.
Our Ready-Made Wooden Curtain Rods Come With Wall Brackets And Rings
( Without Installation )


1300mm / 4.3 feet - S$22.00

1600mm / 5.3feet - S$27.50

1900mm / 6.3 feet - S$33.00

2200mm / 7.3feet - S$38.50


Delivery only at S$10.00 

Free delivery above S$150.00 purchased

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