Roller Blinds In Singapore

Few Advantages Of Having The Roller Blinds In Singapore

All roller blinds have a round metal tube which covered by a single retractable piece of chosen fabric from a myriad of attractive choices for covering your windows and doors. For functionality, sleek-looking manual roller blinds are so easy to operate by pulling the cord up or down even your kids will know how to do it. Comparatively, our roller shades can append with four different types of system that displayed at our office. They are regular chain pulley, spring chain pulley, one-pull system, and heavy-duty system for larger window blinds. Consider being the most versatile type of window shade in Singapore, and roller blinds offer extremes of light management with a wide variety of fabrics ranging from sheer to almost total light exclusion. Whether in the office or the living hall, the translucent fabric of roller shades can provide an attractive alternative to nets and voile material to decorate the room with styles. Meanwhile, the blackout blinds can shut down the excess external light for the bedroom to ensure a better rest and better sleep. Undoubtedly their water-proof features are suitable for the wet area like the kitchen and toilet bathroom. 

Tell you more about our roller blinds in Singapore

What is the charges and cost price to put up our roller blinds in Singapore?

Depend on the fabrics and systems, the cost price of our manual roller blinds in Singapore is ranging from a net worth of S$5.00 to S$8.90 per square foot, which includes fixture and installation.

We will let you understand more about our mechanic systems of the roller blinds in Singapore

We have four categories mechanical system for our roller blinds which are pulley chain for normal operating, spring chain for smooth control, one-pull for child or pet safety and the last one is heavy-duty for more abundant shades. These mechanical systems originate from Korea, Japan, Germany, and they always insert into the rolling round tube for functioning.

How many types of fabric materials do you have for the roller blinds?
We have a wide range of colors and design textures consist of more than 100 types of blind fabric materials based on sheer, translucent, blackout, block-out, dim-out, sunscreen, and more that will undoubtedly make you confuse. 

What is the duration to supply, deliver and install the roller blinds in Singapore?

The duration for customizing the roller blinds in Singapore will be 4 to 7 days upon confirmation and measurement. To install a roller blind on site will take about 15 minutes.

Do you provide any warranty for the roller blinds upon the completed installation?

At Window Blind Singapore, we provide two years warranty for internal top hung mechanic system and a 1-year warranty for blind fabrics against natural wears and tears.

Find out the cost price of the Singapore roller blinds

At the dining area, these double pieces of light brownish dim-out roller blinds with the measurement of 3 meters by 2.7 meters will cost around S$540.00 with labor installation

In the bedroom, the dark greyish single pieces of blackout roller blinds with the measurement of 2.1 meters by 1.2 meters will cost S$140.00

In the living room, the translucent roller blinds with a measurement of 2.4 meters by 3 meters will cost S$480.00

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