Flexible Curved Curtain Track Singapore

Reasons On Installing The Flexible Curved Curtain Track In Singapore

Most of us agreed that most of our houses built with L-shape or even U-shape windows in Singapore. You can't simply install the standard straight curtain railing if you are planning to buy off-shelf curtains for somewhere. There is a definite advantage if you install the flexible curved curtain track rail when you have those funny, odd-shaped windows. First, you will able to pull your curtain right to the corner end, and you can access to the larger window view in your bedroom. Lastly, more warm light will flow in and make your room spacious with brightness. Let's talk about business now. Window blind Singapore is the largest flexible curved track railing supplier in Singapore, and we do supply and install tracks for customers all over the island. Importantly, we offer the top-notch robust quality on our curtain railing that no one in town will able to provide you. For your information, our flexible curved curtain tracks make of excellent aluminum metal, and they can bend into any shape you desire. If you need help with our products and services, do not hesitate to call us now.

Ordering your curtain tracks with us is hassle-free and straightforward, I swear. Once we agreed on our given price through the phone conversation, our curtain product specialist makes a trip down to your premises within a day. They will show you the railing samples and take a proper measurement at no extra costs. Before they bend and install the flexible curved curtain track on the wall of your windows or ceiling area, we will schedule a convenient date and time with you.

About Flexible Curved Curtain Track

S$15.00 per meter without installation for a single flexible curved curtain track.

S$11.00 per meter with fitting and installation.

S$30.00 per meter without installation for the double flexible curved curtain track. 

S$20.00 per meter with labor installation and materials.

Country of origin - Taiwan

Corrosion-free powder-coated aluminum material.

Suitable for residential, each set of flexible curved curtain track railing able to within up to 15 kg hanging loads can be wall mount or ceiling mount.

Each Single track consists of

Ten smooth curtain sliding runners per meter 

Two corner white PVC side end caps

Choice of silver color aluminum ceiling or wall mounting brackets

Terms And Conditions On Purchasing Or Installing Flexible Curved Curtain Track

If you need a quotation before deciding, you can send in your measurement to us or send us your floorplan through phone messaging. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 


If you wish to purchase our curved track without installation, you can do so by contacting us. For the single track, we charge at S$15.00 per meter run, and for double, it will be S30.00 per meter run.


You need to do your measurement and advise us on the width you want. From ordering to preparing your curtain rails, this process will take about 1 to 2 days. 

For self-collection, you may do so in our store at 594 Geylang Road #03-01. However, if you need us to deliver to your specific place, there will be an S$10.00 delivery charge within Singapore.

if you confirm to us that you needed our supply and install services, we will send our guy to your place for an actual measurement. 

For your information, we have a minimum charge of S$120.00 per trip for supply and installing of the curtain track railing. If you do not understand what do we mean by minimum charge, please verify with us at 87498988.


On top of the curved curtain tracks' prices, we charge at an additional S$12.00 per meter for the single rail and S$20.00 for the double. 

Upon site appointment with you, we will do accurate measurement, issuing you our invoice and collect the deposit from you. At the meantime, we will prepare your tracks in our factory and scheduled our curtain installation crew around 4 to 6 days to settle the work for you. 

We are not a hi bye company or any Tom Dick handyman. We are the curtain and window blind specialist in Singapore. ​Our installation crew is experienced to take on any problem regards window treatment. Importantly, we provide you with a one year warranty on our curtain track products with our services. 

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