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 Window Film Singapore

Explore On More Types Of Window Films In Singapore


Window films can be an option to replace expensive curtains and window blinds regarding budget constraint. There are many types of window films available for residential and commercial purposes. For example, there is a frosted film, solar film, decorative film, tinted film, blackout film, heat reduction film, safety film, and much more. Let's talk about frosted glass films first. Frosted glass films are usually installed in the toilet bathroom windows and doors because to ensure total privacy. Besides, these frosted films can be designed and cut into many desired patterns as featured in the top left. To enhance more design on the boring glass panels, you can consider putting up the decorative window film. Hot sun-glare can cause a severe problem like furniture color fading and hot spot. Besides using expensive curtains and window blinds, window tinting can be a great option to consider. By using a remarkable infra-radiation film such as high percentage solar film or heat-reduction film can reject a significant percentage of solar heat and an enormous amount of harmful UV ray from intruding into your defenseless surrounding. 




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