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Customized Your Curtain Rail Track With Us For Added Advantages.

There is a common reason why some people intend to install a brand new curtain track railing alone and not getting the curtains done up in Singapore because customized curtains in Singapore are too expensive, some may be forced to look for the cheaper overseas option, and others may take some risk to order their curtains online. However, you are sourcing for contractors to replacing the existing spoiled old curtain tracks, and there are not every window treatment companies that are willing to entertain you with the minor curtain rail track problems. At Window Blind Singapore, we are the largest Singapore curtain rail track supplier, and no job is too big or too small for us to handle. Compared to other curtain track vendors, our customers will enjoy better rates on buying the approved quality aluminum tracks from us, and we will also provide excellent installation services at the lowest competitive fee. 

SCT3 Normal Straight Heavy-Duty Curtain Track Railing

S$10.00 per meter without installation for a single SCT3 single curtain track.

S$7.00 per meter with fitting and installation based on a minimum of S$120.

S$20.00 per meter without installation for the SCT3 double curtain tracks rail. 

S$14.00 per meter with fitting and labor installation based on a minimum of S$120.

Country of origin - Taiwan

Corrosion-free powder-coated aluminum material.

Suitable for residential, each single SCT3 standard straight heavy-duty curtain track railing able to within up to 18 kg hanging loads can be wall mount or ceiling mount.

Each Single track consists of

Ten smooth curtain sliding runners per meter 

Two corner white PVC side end caps

Choice of silver color aluminum ceiling or wall mounting brackets

About Our SCT7 Normal Straight Heavy-Duty Curtain Track Railing

A single SCT7 single curtain track - S$18.80 per meter without installation.

Fitting and installation - S$7.00 per meter run. ( Minimum S$120 )


The SCT7 double curtain tracks rail - S$37.60 per meter without installation

Fitting and installation - S$14.00 per meter run. ( Minimum S$120 )

Country Of Origin - Japan


Corrosion-free powder-coated aluminum material.

Suitable for high ceiling and commercial, each single SCT7 high power straight curtain track railing able to within up to 28 kg hanging loads can be wall mount or ceiling mount.

Each Single track consists of

Ten smooth heavy-duty curtain sliding runners per meter 

Two corner white PVC side end caps

Choice of silver color aluminum ceiling or wall mounting brackets

The Difference Between The SCT3 And SCT7 Curtain Track Rail

Let us compare the structure and the performance of both curtain tracks. SCT7 curtain track railing is built to cope with heavy curtain, and it is much smoother to operate. From the picture on the left, SCT7 is larger than SCT3 curtain track because it is to accommodate the internal big sliding runners which can withstand the hanging weight up to 28kg. If you have a high ceiling, so you are going to have a tall curtain, we will advise you to install SCT7 high strength curtain track rail to prevent any unforeseen trouble in future. However, SCT3 curtain rail works well with standard ceiling height, and they are more economical than SCT7. If you wish to order SCT7 curtain tracks from us, it will take the lead time up to ten days arriving from Japan to install at your premises. Fortunately, SCT3 curtain railing does not have this issue because we have ready stock to disperse to you. 

Lowest Installation Fee In Singapore For Curtain Rail Track And Window Blinds

You may feel worried that you may cost you an arm and a leg to install the curtains or the window blinds that you have bought from overseas. There are many online markets like Qoo10, Taobao, Lazada, or Ikea Singapore selling curtain tracks or window covering kinds of stuff. Rest assured, we can assist you with the installation works at a low cost. Without a doubt, we can ensure that no other curtain company in Singapore will provide with all these services. At Window Blind Singapore, we do supply labor with the materials to install the curtain tracks, flexible curved rail, and curtain accessories at the lowest fixed rate in town. Upon agreed on our given price through the phone conversation, our guys make a trip down to your premises and take a proper measurement at no extra costs. Before the actual installation, we will schedule a convenient date and time with you. Check out above on our price and services to supply and install the single or dual quality white powder-coated curtain rail tracks or do give us a ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I need a 1-meter curtain rail track, how much do you charge?

Usually, we charge S$10.00 per Meter for Normal SCT3 curtain rail and high power SCT7 curtain tracks at $18.80 per meter run for self collect at our office in Geylang Singapore.

Do you provide delivery if I want to buy the curtain rail track from you?

Yes, we do provide delivery around Singapore for just S$10.00 per trip and location

What is the price to fix up only a new single 3-meter SCT7 curtain rail with installation?

Our 3-meter SCT7 single track is S$56.40 plus our minimum labor installation fee of S$120 is totaled up S$176.40.

Will you provide the on-site measurement if I purchase the curtain track from you or also get the service to your service to install the curtain tracks?

With the above purchase of S$120.00, we will provide free onsite-measurement to ensure that the curtain track railings shall appropriately install at your premises.

Do you offer any warranty on your curtain rail track products and installation works?

We offer a 1-year warranty for our products and installation. If your curtain sliding runners are stuck or if the installation failed without abuse and the curtain track dropped down by itself, we will rectify for you without any installation cost. 

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