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Where To Purchase Top-Quality Curtain Track Rails In Singapore?

Updated: May 22, 2020

In Singapore, when you customized curtains for your rooms, you also need to order the curtain tracks as well unless you got existing railing on the window. Recently, the economy entered the recession due to Covid-19 or coronavirus, most people may try to save more money by sourcing customized curtains elsewhere overseas. While others may use back their existing curtains, and this is not a healthy sign for our local soft furnishing businesses. Fortunately, most people will still prefer to get their curtain rail track in Singapore because compared to the overseas types, our local quality is much better and more compatible with our curtain design. We hope that more people will be able to support our internal local business so that we can sustain it during this difficult time.

For new home-owners, your mind may seem paralyzed when it is time to prepare to choose your suitable curtain hangers for your beautiful curtains during your house renovation. Normally, you may tend to compare all types of curtain tracks, curtain rails, the flexible curved tracks, and the curtain rods which are available in Singapore. Do you know when is the best time to drill up the curtain tracks amid your renovation works? The ideal time to put up the curtain track is when the house painting is ready. If you are looking for a premium quality durable curtain rail track in Singapore, you have come to the right place at Window Blind Singapore. We are the best curtain track rail Singapore company that offers a wide variety of curtain hangers at the most affordable price.

We will introduce one of the top-seller curtain rail track Singapore model SCT3 which is widely used by home-owners, renovation contractors, and interior designers. In the meantime, our curtain rail track Singapore expert will give you the briefing and the full detail about the curtain track first. For your info, the dimension of our curtain tracks without the runners are 23 mm width by 15 mm height, and with the runners along, they are still 23 mm width by 34 mm height. Our curtain rail track made of quality aluminum metal which is corrosion-free, durable, weather-resistance, and you can install in single, dual, or even triple rail onto your windows.

Can they be mounted on the wall, ceiling, and even plasterboard false ceiling? The answer is yes. Aluminum curtain tracks can install anywhere with the help of the single ceiling bracket, double ceiling bracket, single wall bracket, and double wall bracket. Moreover, all of our parts consist of curtain runners, curtain side caps, and curtain metal tubes that are replaceable, so you no need to worry at all. However, you have a 5-meter long window, there is a need to join two pieces of 2.5-meter curtain tracks together by a wall or ceiling bracket to connect a long curtain track.

Certainly, we do just sell the curtain tracks without installation, and we will customize any length you need at only S$10.00 per meter. Specifically, our curtain track rails can withstand the weight up to 18 kg of curtain fabric, if they are properly and professionally installed. According to our company policy, we will not provide a guarantee of durability on the curtain railing if they installed by your source. It is because they are using a different type of wall plugs and one more reason they are not professional. How many colors do the curtain tracks have on the market? There are three types of color, and they are natural color silver, bronze, and white powdered coated. If you want to find out more on our curtain track rail, please go to

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