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Browsing happily for curtains and blinds at Window Blind Singapore. The most reliable curtain shop in Singapore. With over twenty years of history and the highest standard quality products assured.

What is your pricing on customizing curtains or window blinds?
Through our Best Curtain And Window Blind Singapore Sales Offer Promotion, Window Blind Singapore can ensure that our products and services are far cheaper than all the curtain contractors can offer you. To lower the retail cost, we do not outsource textiles from elsewhere locally, and we import the fabric directly from overseas. To stay competitive in the price war, we even source window blind materials and parts to assemble in Singapore. We believe you can save more money with us.


How do you get a quick quotation from you?
You can forward us your window measurement or floor plan by phone. You can even tell us your requirements for your preferred window coverings. Within ten minutes, we will work out the best quote for you, and you can compare around in Singapore and work out your budget.


How do I book an appointment with you?
You can contact this number at 87498988 or call our office at 64089920. We will fix an appointment with you to visit our office for a friendly discussion, and you can view and feel all of our materials. Most importantly, you can check on our product quality before you decide. At Window Blind Singapore, we will provide you with the best options on curtains or window blinds with our wide range of selections. 


How about an on-site appointment?
Seriously, to prevent any misunderstanding, we encourage our clients to take the initiative to drop by our curtain shop with their floorplan or measurement to view the finished products and share with you our latest materials because we cannot simply bring all of our materials or products to your house with both hands.

Is there any warranty for the curtains or blinds by your company?
Yes, we provide a 12-month warranty for our fabric curtains and up to 24 months of assurance on our window blind systems against natural wear and tears. The assurance of the curtain fabrics covered the defects of discoloring and shrinkage. If there are defects on the roller system or mechanic parts of the window blinds, we shall replace them within seven working days upon stock availability.


Is there any hidden cost involved in the quotation of the curtains or blinds?
Our quote stated is the net price, and we do not cook up stories and impose no further additional charges on you.

How much is the upfront deposit needed when finalized?
We will accept up to at least 40% of the total upfront before the commencement of work.

Upon confirmation, when will your curtain company come to install the goods?
There are many consumer delay incidents in Singapore. As a trustworthy company, Window Blind Singapore will honor the sales order and deliver within 5 to 10 days upon our stock check and confirmation.

If I urgently need my curtains put up fast, can you help me?
Yes, you can request it with no additional charges. We can arrange for you if there are stocks available.


What is the duration to fix up our window curtains or blinds on-site?
Our curtain installers will take 3 hours or less for us to install based on the quantity. 


Will my house mess up with dust during the curtain installation?
No, we have a professional in-house installer. We invested in our wall drill machine equipped with a dust vacuum device so we could complete our job hassle-free.

Upon completion of work, how do I make payment?
You can transfer the balance payment, or you can pay cash to our curtain installers. Lastly, we will present to you our letter of warranty. Window Blind Singapore would like to thank you for your business, and we will seek your future reference.


We answered all the above frequently asked questions, and you will understand more about our curtains and blinds in Singapore. For further clarification, you can contact us directly at 8749 8988.For further clarification, you can contact us directly at 8749 8988.


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Common Questions And Answers On Curtains And Blinds

After we answered their frequently asked questions, the customers checked our catalog to select their customized curtains and window blinds at the void deck.
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