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Curtain Alteration Sewing Singapore

Curtain alteration sewing at Window Blind Singapore is affordable. Save more money and time.

Save More Money On Customizing New Curtains

Everyone knows that Singapore is an expensive city to live in, and sewing new curtains can be costly in Singapore. Many big-time curtain vendors find it troublesome to alter curtains, and they do not wish to take up this job because the remuneration is low. At Window Blind Singapore, no job is too big and small for us, and our in-house curtain tailors can provide an affordable rate for altering your existing old curtains by cutting with sew. Buying a ready-made or adjusting the old curtains saves you more money than customizing a new one. We don't care if it is a new set of ready-made curtains or a slight amendment to existing old curtains, but we are confident that our curtain alteration sewing can create miracles on your windows. 

The height of the ready-made curtain is altered by shortening, and it fits perfectly onto the window. The bottom of the fabric is cut short with sewing.

Curtain Alteration Sewing On Ready Made Curtains

Ready-made curtains are inexpensive, and you can purchase them from many places in Singapore. However, they may fit or may not fit into your window measurements all the time, especially the height. While shopping for ready-made curtains, you need to get the correct width and amend the height of the fabric if it is too long. Fixing up the ready-made curtains is uncomplicated at all. You can contact us, and we will advise you on how to measure the height correctly, or you can engage to do so. After that, we can make an appointment with our curtain tailor and discuss curtain alteration with us at Window Blind Singapore.

Recycle your existing old curtain by altering it for your new house. Save the planet Earth.

Curtain Alteration Sewing On Existing Old Curtains

Old existing curtains may have some sentiment values from your loved ones, and they are irreplaceable. When you reside in a new place, it is not necessary to customize a new set of curtains. You may save some money on the renovation costs if you recycle your existing curtains from your old houses. All you have to do is to make alterations to their length and width. At Window Blind Singapore, curtain height shortening or lengthening is as easy as ABC, our modification to mold it into the ideal fit for your windows. Recycling fabric curtains furnishes benefits to our environment and creates a better planet for ourselves and the entire human race. Just talk to us, and we will make sure you know what to do with your old existing curtains.

The curtain alteration sewing Singapore tailor adjusts the height of the curtain. Now the curtains fit well with the windows.
How To Work With Us

Window Blind Singapore provides top-notch curtain alteration sewing services for all fabrics, ranging from lightweight sheers to luxurious drapes. What you need to do is to contact us and lay down your specific requirements with us. Due to COVID and hygiene purposes, please send your old curtains for cleaning or washing first before deliver to us for alteration sewing. Our average turnaround time for curtain alteration service is about 3-7 working days. From S$15 per meter onwards, call us for a quote.

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