Timber Wooden Blinds In Singapore

The features of the quality wooden timber blinds in Singapore

Many people fall in love with the beauty of these horizontal wooden slats of the timber blinds can blend in perfectly with any desired traditional and oriental atmosphere of any rooms. With nearly twenty color choices, our quality wooden timber blinds in Singapore come in two sizes, 35 mm and 50 mm. Do not be mistaken that PVC blinds and timber wood blinds are the same quality. The natural wood slats of the timber blinds withstand the direct sunlight and heat better. To spice up its look, they can decorate with a pair of vertical color fabric tapes, and they are ideal for bedrooms, kitchen, and dry bathroom. Among all the window blinds in Singapore, the quality wooden timber blinds are the most expensive window blinds you can get. However, they offer beauty, warmth, and better light-control that will enrich your surroundings.

The facts of our wooden timber blinds in Singapore

The horizontal slats of the wooden Venetian timber blinds can dye into many colors so that you can align your timber shades with your tastes and design preferences and they come in two sizes of 35 mm and 50 mm.

How much do you charge for the 35mm and 50mm slat wooden timber blinds in Singapore?

With supply and install, by using 35mm wood slats, our timber wood blinds without ladder tape charged at S$8.00 per square foot, and 50mm timber blinds will cost S$8.50 per square foot. Please take note that our minimum purchases for one single window blind are 20 square feet.

Where is the origin of the wooden timber blinds and its system in Singapore?

There is two separate control in one individual timber blind. The internal mechanic revolving systems of our wood blinds originated from Germany, and the wood slats are from Taiwan which ensured effortless and smooth operating.

Base on your preferences, how many color options can you choose?
There are more than twenty colors for you to choose from based on 35mm and 50mm wood slats. If you want to mix the colors to look like the zebra stripes, you can do so for additional charges.

What is the warranty covered for our wooden timber blinds in Singapore?

Shall not exceeding more than two-meter width, we provide two years warranty that covered the mechanic system of these wood blinds. However, we do not offer any guarantee for the wood slats and ladder tapes.

For your information, you must not expect the get those cheap timber wooden blinds from a good deal because they made from low-quality types of wood and tended to bend, warp or rot eventually due to the humid environment like Singapore.
The beauty of timber is it never goes out of fashion, and they have more than 50 colors to choose from our sample. What is the cost price of these timeless shades? We give an example, the small wooden blinds in walnut color will cost $170 each in the study room.

What is the duration to supply and install these wooden timber blinds in Singapore?

Upon measurement and confirmation, the lead time to get ready for the installation of the wooden timber blinds will take around 7 to 10 working days. However, it takes approximately 15 minutes to install each timber blind.

What is the easy-lift system of the timber blinds?

The easy-lift system of the Venetian timber blinds is the lifting mechanism which able you to operate the shades effortlessly. For your information, the additional cost to install this mechanism is S$1.00 per square foot.

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