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Outdoor Blinds In Singapore

There are many convincing reasons why you need to install the outdoor blinds at your open balcony space in Singapore. Most importantly, these shades can minimum the rainwater from splashing into your area, fend off blazing sun glare that may gradually destroy their interior furnishing. At Window Blind Singapore, we provide the best robust-quality outdoor roller screen with the best assurance of two years warranty that allows you to utilize your balcony and turn it into an indoor area for other uses.

Utilised your open balcony space with the durable outdoor blinds in Singapore

Window Blind Singapore will highlight what the problems you will face if you do not install the outdoor blinds at your open space area. In Singapore, most of us will undoubtedly be frustrated if the rain keeps splashing into our yard and make the surrounding or the furniture wet and dirty. Alternatively, during a sunny day, you want to enjoy your outdoor scenery at your balcony, the glaring sunlight will spoil your mood by irritating your eyes. Meanwhile, you may try to solve these problems by putting up the curtains in your open space balcony, but this is the lunatic solution. The fabric curtains will be wet during the rainy day, and the curtains will flap wildly around during the hot and windy time. If you fix up the outdoor blinds, you can peacefully utilize the open space. However, you can convert your small balcony area into a dry laundry area or by making into a cooling lounge area with some sofa. Compared to the traditional outdoor bamboo chick blinds, these outdoor roller blinds shades are more comfortable to operate and require lesser maintenance. Honestly, we guaranteed you that our German mechanic system outdoor blinds are high durability, and they can adapt to the harsh weather in Singapore. Undoubtedly, our robust outdoor shades have the product lifespan of more than ten years, and they assure by us for two years warranty. So it means that you only required to invest less than a dollar each day to fix this balcony blinds up. 

More Important Reasons To Install The Authentic Outdoor Blinds In The Balcony

In Singapore, some unscrupulous window curtain companies may tempt you with the lower market rate to customize the outdoor roller blinds for your balcony and don't be fooled by them. At Window Blind Singapore, without any required purchase from us, we will unconditionally share with you for free on how to identify an authentic outdoor shade by its rolling tube and mechanism system.

Let us differential between an indoor roller blind and the outdoor roller shades. In the balcony, the outdoor roller shades are almost as similar to the indoor roller blinds in term of designs, structure, and features. However, the stainless steel cable side guide that installs behind these outdoor screens made the difference, because indoor roller blinds do not need any side guide. Moreover, the outdoor blinds must be attached and secured by a pair of vertical side guide to restrict the movement. It is to prevent unforeseen hazard incident from happening when any stiff breeze arises in the balcony. How to identify outdoor blinds in Singapore? The aluminum revolving tube of the outdoor balcony blinds must be at least 45mm in diameter which can only allow the insertion of the heavy-duty chain spring system onto it. If you have the outdoor roller shade, please go and check the broadness of its side tube. If it is less then 45mm in diameter, we are sure that this is not the authentic outdoor blind and your window blind company has cheated you. The pore-like perforated fabric enables the wind to breeze through, reduce the stress of the outdoor mechanic system, and cut down the harmful UV ray. Besides the perforated materials of the solar outdoor blinds shades made of PVC and polyester materials which able to withstand the harsh weather elements like rain and hot blazing sun. For your information, these outdoor blinds can be enhanced by the automation system with the fingertip remote control. As long as there is a ceiling enclosure, the motorized outdoor shades can install within the indoor and the outdoor area.

Why Manual System Outdoor Blinds Are Still The Best Shades For Your Balcony

Of course, it is much cheaper to fix up the manual hand-drawn outdoor roller screen in Singapore, but some customer may prefer to spend a few grand in installing motorized Zipblinds, or Ziptrak blinds on their open balcony. Most of the day, we spend less than one hour on the balcony, and we don't think it is worth to spend this kind of money on it.

In Singapore, there are so many styles of outdoor blinds that can installed on the balcony, open patio, or other yard areas. There are many styles of outdoor shades that minimize the rainwater from splashing in and cut down the blazing sun glare. They are the heavy-duty manual-operated roller blinds, the bamboo blinds, canvas blinds, motorized remote track-guided blinds, and many types of China-made balcony enclosed blinds. When you mention about the outdoor blinds and manual roller blinds are the priority. What are the real reasons that make them more and more popular? In term of cost, we should agree that the manual outdoor shades are more economical and easy to maintain. Besides cost-effectiveness, Many people instead installed the outdoor roller shades, and these blinds have been getting more accessible than ever before. We focus on the motorized automation system like balcony shutter blinds. Most people still did not have the confidence or have the phobia that the automated window blinds will break down on some days. Without covered by any manufacturers' guarantee, it will be a hassle and expensive to get them repaired. One more advantage, the modern designed outdoor roller shades have a longer lifespan, and they are better easy-operated compared to canvas and bamboo blinds.

Understand More About Our Outdoor Blinds In Singapore​
Unlike other indoor window coverings, we guaranteed you that all our built-in materials for assembling the outdoor balcony blinds in Singapore are weatherproof, heavy-duty, and they can withstand harsh weather natural elements like hot sun, heavy rain, and strong wind. For more assurance, they are endorsing with two years warranty on the roller mechanic system inside the top hung tube.

What sorts of material are used to fabricate these outdoor blinds?

Our heavy-duty system solar outdoor blinds in Singapore made of corrosion-free aluminum metal components. Their high-quality thermoset PVC materials which can adapt and endure unpredictable natural weather elements.

How much do you for charges for the outdoor blinds in Singapore?

From S$270.00 onwards, the cost of our manual system outdoor blinds at S$8.00 to S$11.00 based on per square foot charges. Without hidden fees or gimmicks, our price is inclusive of installation and 316 stainless steel cable side guide.

What are the unforeseen problems if you install a lousy quality or fake outdoor blinds in Singapore?

A lousy quality or an unauthentic outdoor blind will stimulate some unforeseen problems for you in the future. The issues are the fabric of these blinds may wrap and drop off, or the cord system is faulty, cannot revolve at all, which mean that the mechanisms break down or is beyond repair.

Any additional features to identify an authentic outdoor blind?

As the laymen, most of us get confused on the indoor roller shades, and we do not know how to identify an authentic outdoor blind. For sharing purposes, the criteria of the genuine outdoor screen required to have at least 45 - 55mm diameter of aluminum roller tube that only allows the insertion of replaceable any heavy-duty outdoor spring chain system.

Always brushes with the unpredictable windy and rainy weather forces, the fabric may drop off from the roller tube or the revolving mechanism may haywire till beyond repair. These are the problems you may face if you accidentally install the lousy quality or unauthentic outdoor blinds in Singapore.
The outdoor roller blinds have to be appropriately secured by a pair of side guide at the balcony. A side guide is a stainless steel wire which installs behind of the rolling shade is to reduce the flapping motion when the fabric screen collides with the wind or the rain. At Window Blind Singapore, we only install the 316 long-lasting quality stainless steel wire side guide for our outdoor roller screen because lousy quality side guide tends to snap easily after some time.

What is the duration to fabricate the outdoor blinds till installation?

Upon confirmation, the selection of materials and final measurement, the duration to fabricate outdoor blinds in Singapore will be 7 to 10 days and the lead time for actual site installation is half an hour per window panel shades. 

How long will be the warranty period on the outdoor blinds in Singapore?

Our outdoor blinds in Singapore covered with the two years warranty only on the top hung operating mechanism system and one year warranty for outdoor blind perforated fabrics against natural wears and tears respectively.

Who will install these outdoor blinds and this seems so dangerous?

Never think of getting some Tom Dick handymen to perform on this fitting work, installing outdoor roller blinds can be considered risky and dangerous. Assuming that the screen fell from your balcony and hit a person, you will entangle with unnecessary trouble. However, only the well-trained outdoor blind technician can be qualified to do the job confidently. For your information, these heavy outdoor blinds can never secure onto the false ceiling, unless a proper enforcement works on this hollow ceiling has done. 

Need Approval from the relevant authority to install the outdoor blinds?

Yes, unless you are staying in the landed property, it is a priority to notify your relevant authority and building management about the proposed erection of the outdoor roller blinds. You also need to submit to them the materials and the intended color of these balcony shades for approval before fabrication.

If you have a balcony and you will like to install an outdoor roller blind, you need to submit to your apartment management on the materials and the intended color of these balcony shades for approval unless you live in the HDB flat. However, if you go ahead to put up this screen without their consent, they may have the authority to blacklist you and order you to dismantle the blind immediately.
This balcony roller blinds installed by Window Blind Singapore look sturdy.

What are the materials and color choices you have for the outdoor blinds?

Our fabric materials used for fabricating the outdoor blinds are called perforated, and they also fire-retardant. Perforated fabric is not an opaque material, and it allows wind to breeze through. Besides having the choice of more than 30 different colors, we have the selection of 3%, 5%, 7% and 10% openness on UV-preventive perforated materials of the outdoor blinds.

Your mechanic system of the outdoor blinds imported from which country?

We import our outdoor mechanism from Germany for local assembly, and we provide two years warranty on the system of our outdoor blind. Rest assured, the internal structure equips with the manual 3-speed braking function, which can even withstand the extreme pull from external harsh weather forces in Sentosa Singapore.

Our Completed Projects Of Balcony Outdoor Blinds In Singapore
 Window Blind Singapore has just completed installing six panels of the outdoor screens at Ang Mo Kio Singapore. Let us educate you more on the purpose of fixing up the stainless steel side guide for these shades. Imagine without installing the side guide attached to it, and the outdoor blinds will flap wildly around when the wind blew. The worst scenario is that the whole of the perforated fabric may drop down to the floor, and you will probably waste your precious money on repairing.
Our installation crews have demonstrated how to put up the outdoor blinds for the balcony at Serangoon Garden Singapore. To fix up and secure with a pair of the side guides, you need to screw onto the U-shape bracket behind the bottom bar of the outdoor blinds. Rule number one for installing the outdoor shade, always remember to use hard and non-corrosion materials like stainless steel because it will not rust and fall off after some time.
These three pieces of hand-drawn outdoor shades have installed in Bukit Panjang Singapore to prevent rainwater from splashing into the balcony. However, the outdoor blind can attach in with the motorized automation system that our lifestyle much convenient. With the touch of the fingertips, this window screen can auto rolled up or rolled down.
The house owner is testing the outdoor blinds at the kitchen backyard.
Raining day today, the worker nearly fell off while he installed these outdoor blinds on the wet balcony.
How to prevent the outdoor blinds from flipping up when there is a stiff breeze? It will help if you put some heavy furniture or some pot of plants in front of the outdoor roller blinds.
 Don't you think that our flats or living areas are getting smaller like the apartments in Hong Kong? Spaces in Singapore is getting expensive, and it will be wise to utilize your balcony area as the indoor by installing the robust outdoor blinds. With the shades covered over your balcony, you are converting your outdoor area into an indoor space.
Purchase from Window Blind Singapore at only S$1000. The house owner is testing the outdoor blinds in the kitchen backyard no
It is essential to install the robust, heavy-duty outdoor blinds for your balcony area so that you can positively utilize your open space for something else. If the internal system of the outdoor solar screens is not strong enough to withstand the weather force, there may have the high chance of blowing down the perforated fabric from the rotating top-hung tube, and you will make you inconvenience.
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