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Installing the outdoor blinds balcony in Singapore Nowadays in Singapore, most of the HDB flats, condominiums, private apartments, and even commercial offices were built with unenclosed areas like balconies or yards. To utilize the open place by putting some furniture or other planning, you have to do something to prevent the rainwater and annoying sun glare from coming in. You can consider a few options by installing curtains or window blinds which only meant for outdoor and can withstand the dampness or dryness of all the natural elements like wind, hot glare and rainwater. What make the outdoor roller blinds are the better option? Our consultant of Window Blind Singapore will introduce and highlight all the aspects of these outdoor shades in Singapore which you can frequently see in other people's balconies and yards.

At Window Blind Singapore, we will help you identify the real outdoor balcony blinds. The roller shades equipped with the heavy-duty braking system inside the 45mm diameter of the rolling tube, which can install in any open areas like the balcony, patio, and yard are called the outdoor blinds in Singapore.

Compared to other window coverings, the outdoor blinds can be quite expensive, and they are not easy to install, so it is relevant to source for a reliable quality heavy-duty outdoor blinds for long-term use and to prevent any future unforeseen inconvenience The outdoor curtains tend to fly and flap around in balcony or yard if they are not adequately secured and these may cause the hazardous problem. Having good quality outdoor blinds that fasten on a pair of stainless steel wire side guide are essential because they can withstand and prevent weather forces such as strong sun-glare and torrential rains from pouring in. Compared to the traditional outdoor bamboo chick, these outdoor shades feature by its structure is more suitable for the modern contemporary concept.

Almost similar to the indoor roller blinds regarding design and function, its mechanism system made the difference. The need of using perforated fabrics which are the combined materials of PVC and polyester is a must because it allows the wind to flow through, lessen its flapping movement. Other advantages of these outdoor blinds are that they can filter away the harmful ultraviolet radiation, minimize the rainwater from coming in and lastly protect your interior natural wood furnishing from destruction by sun-glare. Based on an example, a 3 meters width and 3 meters height of outdoor blinds may cost around a cool S$950.00.

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