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The Important Things You Must Know About Having The Outdoor Roller Blinds In Singapore Balcony

Nowadays, many people are joyful that most of the HDB flats, condominium apartments, or even some commercial offices built with balconies or yards in Singapore. In the olden day, some may think of putting plants and set up a mini garden there. If you are lack of space at home, you can use this open balcony in many unique ways. Somehow, you can convert it to a temporary laundry area by allowing you to hang your clothes up on the ceiling to dry. Instead, you create a cozy corner by placing some furniture so you can enjoy some fresh air in the open surrounding. Eventually, the blazing sun glare will gradually destroy your furnishings, and the rain will create an awful mess of your surrounding. Hence the rainwater and annoying sun glare may disrupt your plans if you do not cover up your balcony with a protective shield such as plastic canvas curtains or window blinds. Significantly, these outdoor window treatments must be some good weather-resistance quality that can block these Singapore weather forces that pose serious problems for you in later stages. Here are the troubles you shall face below from the rain, sun, and insects if you do not install a proper outdoor window covering at these exposed space areas such as yards, patio, or balcony.

A) The Rain

The rain will gradually dirty your floor on your balcony. Their moisture may cause staining, rotting, spitting, or cracking of the balcony’s tiles after a lengthy period. We sure that rain can be a spoilsport anytime, it may ruin your mood while forcing you to cease your fun and activity at your wet balcony. But these issues shall settle by installing a magnificent shade.

B) The Sun

Not only UV rays are harmful to our body, but this radiation can also tarnish your furniture and furnishing at your open balcony floor without you noticing it. When facing the direct sun, their intense heat will increase the temperate of your room and make your body boil up uncomfortably. The blazing sun glare may scald your eyes when you just unintentionally gaze outside your balcony.

C) The insects and birds

Mainly open space balcony is the refuges for uninvited insects or other creatures, and they can be a nuisance to our living environment in Singapore. Thus the birds may poop there, and the contaminated bird droppings may lead to several diseases. There is the worst possibility that the dengue mosquitoes may visit your home through your unconcealed balcony. This blood-sucking insect can kill you, and it is not a laughing matter, so it is worthwhile to invest a balcony blind or curtain. This balcony covering can serve as a temporary bird netting or insect screen and stop them from visiting your balcony.

There is an article involving a three-year-old girl who died about a week after falling from the open balcony window of a fourth-story flat. If a window screen has installed in her balcony before this tragedy, this girl will still be alive now. The outdoor blind not only can provide shade for you, but it also serves as a temporary window mesh or grille, so it will avoid any unforeseen incident from happening.

The only choices of material for the outdoor that can repel the sun, rain, and dangerous insect called the perforated fabrics. The limited selection of fabric and color for this outdoor screen can disappoint you. These perforated fabrics are pore-like textiles, and they combined from high-grade PVC and polyester that are fire resistance. Their openness allows the wind to flow through, lessen its flapping movement against the forceful breeze. Other advantages of these fabrics are that they can filter away the harmful ultraviolet radiation, minimize the rainwater from coming in, so they will protect your interior natural wood furnishing from destruction by long-term sun-glare.

Even though you put up the outdoor canvas curtains in the balcony or yard, it will worsen the situation because the curtains flap around and create a lot of disturbing noise for you. The curtains may even fly off from your balcony when the breeze strikes. Unfortunately, they may fall off and land up elsewhere. These may cause a hazardous problem for your neighbors.

Besides canvas curtains, we realized that the outdoor roller blinds are the most popular option in Singapore. The moment we glance at some open balcony areas at the buildings in Singapore because many people have installed their outdoor roller blinds in their house.

At Window Blind Singapore, we try to help you understand more facts about the outdoor blinds, and no one else will do that for you. We will share with you how to identify the authentic outdoor balcony blinds so you will not scam easily by other curtain contractors that you met. Anything matter about the outdoor blinds in Singapore, we assured you we are window blind guru, so we are more experts than anyone else. The outdoor blind is an improved version of the roller blinds, and both design structures are similar, hard to differentiate them if you are not a pro. Roller blinds depend on standard revolving mechanisms for operating indoor, so their round tube bar is much sleeker than the outdoor type. The outdoor blinds can withstand the damaging weather force because they equipped with a better braking mechanism inside the metal tube. When you install these shades in your balcony, put up a wind guide for them too. These wind guides secured behind the outdoor shades are stainless steel wire that mounted on the ceiling to the ground. Without the wind guides, the fabric of your outdoor roller screen will flap wildly, so this may cause a hazard to your balcony.

However, installing outdoor blinds can be dangerous and much more demanding. The blind installer may risk falling to death from the open balcony window if they are careless. Seriously, it necessary to source reliable-quality outdoor blinds for long-term use and to prevent any future unforeseen inconvenience. Having outstanding quality outdoor blinds that fasten on a pair of stainless steel wire side guide are essential because they can withstand the weather forces such as strong sun-glare and torrential rains from pouring in. Compared to the traditional outdoor bamboo chick, these outdoor shades are more modern and much better looking. The price of fabricating these outdoor roller blinds do not come cheap. Based on an example, a 3 meters width and 3 meters height of outdoor blinds may cost you around a cool S$950.00.

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