Singapore Curtain And Blind Sales Offer

HDB BTO Flats Mega Sales Offer
HDB BTO Flats Mega Sales Offer

During the renovation, you may be excited to have your new flats done up according to your styles. If you plan to have curtains in your house, do check us out at Window Blind Singapore on our curtain sales offer that is tailor-made for you exclusively.

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50mm Timber Blinds On Sales
50mm Timber Blinds On Sales

Venetian wooden timber blinds are also a superb light controller, and they can do wonder by enriching your room. With the ample collection of 50 mm timber blinds at Window Blinds Singapore, we offer you an unbelievable promotion of S$8.50 per square foot on our Singapore curtain and blind sales offer.

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Authentic Outdoor Blinds For Balcony
Authentic Outdoor Blinds For Balcony

If you are looking for some outdoor shades to cover up your open balcony space against rain and harsh sun glare, Window Blind Singapore is the right place for you. We offer the high strength authentic outdoor roller blinds only at S$8.00 per square with complete water-proof accessories and installation.

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HDB BTO Flats Mega Sales Offer
HDB BTO Flats Mega Sales Offer

During the renovation, you may be excited to have your new flats done up according to your styles. If you plan to have curtains in your house, do check us out at Window Blind Singapore on our curtain sales offer that is tailor-made for you exclusively.

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Discover More Benefits On Our Singapore Curtain And Blind Sales Offer

If you intend to replace your spoilt roller blinds in your bedrooms with some new set of customized curtains, you have to consider the four factors. You have to consider these four factors that consist of styles, quality, budget, and assurance before buying any window treatments in Singapore. By the way, we are Window Blind Singapore, the highly recommend window covering company in Singapore. Anything concerns about curtains and window blinds, we are better than anyone in the world. We are a legally registered Singapore-based curtain and window shades company that caters to a need for robust quality for the window fashions. In our websites, we launch our Singapore curtain and blinds sale offer and you will enjoy valuable savings on vast arrays of shade products. Importantly, our prices are transparency, and we do not practice hard selling, so our customers can feel free to compare around first. Do you have any idea why we can offer a much lower price than the other curtain companies in Singapore? Truthfully, we do not have high operation overhead costs, and we do not mark up high profits on our goods. So we can offer a much better honest costing to our clients compare to other curtain contractors. However, we have a small curtain studio at Geylang Singapore, where our clients can witness, feel, and test the quality of the materials on our window coverings with confidence. With more than two decades of experience in the Singapore curtain industry, we tied up with a lot of good reliable overseas suppliers. We directly import our products from them without going through the local middlemen, so that saves us so much money and we can pass these savings to our customers. Therefore, our customers can benefit from our launched Singapore curtain and blind sales offer and get better quality products at a much lower price. At Window Blind Singapore, our customers will benefit from getting their preferred styles of our exceptional quality window treatments through our unconditioned professional advice. Last but not least, all our window coverings come with the two years after-sales product assurance. Call us for inquiries now.

Get The Best Curtain And Blind Products At the Crazy Discount On Our Singapore Sales Offer

We dare you to compare. Please drop by to our office at Geylang Road and verify for yourself on our eye-popping Singapore Curtain And Blind Sales Offer that you can’t miss for sure. Window Blind Singapore guaranteed you with our lots of premium window cover products such as customized curtains, roller shades, or outdoor blinds are at unbelievable low prices. Delighted by our wide unique range of materials and colors, you will be confident with professional advice that will aid you in deciding on the best and right window treatments with confidence. Click on the products below and exploit this wonderful purchasing experience now while stock last.

No gimmick, come and exploit our Singapore curtain and blind sales offer, our HDB BTO curtain packages are as low as $288.00. NO matter you are looking for a day, night, or blackout curtains, we have an unrivaled variety of fabrics and materials which you can select on from head to toe. We are sure that the highest quality of the curtains we have at Window Blind Singapore that you ever encounter in Singapore will astonish you.
Our 50mm timber blinds at S$9.00 per square foot calculation will excite you and your room. Armoured with the German easy-lift system, you can operate our wood Venetian shades effortlessly.
It is always a good investment to put up outdoor manual roller blinds at your balcony so that you can make full use of the space. Robust against the weather in Singapore, the price of our outdoor shade is as low as S$8.00 per square foot with complete accessories.
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Sparkle Your Home With The Right Window Treatments And The Cool Price At Our Singapore Curtain And Blinds Sales Offer

The purpose of having our Singapore curtain sales promotion is not just selling our window treatment products to you. Our primary mission is to assist our customers in getting a beautifully appropriate heir to their windows within their budgets and save more money. The right curtains and window blinds can excite your surrounding and create a cozy home from a house. Window Blind Singapore will point to you on a few essential factors on how to obtain suitable curtains and blinds for your house based on your preference and daily lifestyles. Most curtains or window blinds can shut down the excess light, minimum the loud noise coming from external and prevent those creepy insects from intruding.

Most importantly, all window coverings can offer shades, enhanced privacy by waiving off any disturbing sights that disturb your eyes and your mind. However, the perfect chosen window covering can add warmth and bring style to your home while creating the incredible miracle to your surroundings. Last but not least, you can get more information and answers on our latest products by browsing through our webpages at Window Blind Singapore.

More added values and services on our Singapore curtain and blinds sales promotion 
 Window Blind Singapore is the highly-rated window covering company in Singapore. At our Singapore Curtain And Blinds Sales Offer, we not only promote low budget costing or discounts on our customized window treatments such as curtains and window blinds, but we also offer robust-quality products and provide excellent service to each of our prospective clients in Singapore.

We Provide Express Quote On Window Curtains Or Blinds

Before you plan your journey on buying curtains or window blinds, talk to us about your preference, give us your measurements, your floorplan, make an appointment and meet us, you will get your quote based on our Singapore curtain, and blinds sales offer promotion within five minutes so that you can work on your budget and decide later.

We Offer Professional Advice On Material Products

In our curtain store, armored with our extensive choices of window covering products and expert recommendation from us on designs, textures, and colors, we guaranteed that you could easefully make the final decision on your window dressing without regret.

We Promise Prompt Delivery With Clean Installation

Uncomparable, our delivery is within 5 to 10 days upon confirmation is the fastest in Singapore. Equipped with dust extraction vacuum system attached to our low noise wall drilling machine and well-qualified profession, we promise you with a hassle-free and a clean installation.

We Ensure You With 2 Years Guarantee

Upon completed the installation and provided the full payment is received, we will execute the two years guarantee that covers the cost of the transport, labor and the mechanic system parts for natural defect of any window blind. On the any significant discolor fading of fabric curtains, we will exchange one to one within two years.

Our Recent Projects On Customized Curtains And Blinds In Singapore

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Our Testimonials
Hsiao Ping is one of Window Blind Singapore’s customer, and she engaged us to install roller shades and curtain track for her house after sourcing for a few curtain sellers. She chose us because we provide experienced advice and the best services among them. After we completed her job, she was so pleased with our products, and she kindly awarded us with great testimonials.

We were thankful to Chua and his team from Window Blind Singapore for providing the rational, professional advice and solution when we could not decide whether to go for the roller blinds or curtains track for our house. - Hsiao Ping

Lin Jingsi is working in the furniture trade in Singapore, and he works for Nova Furnishing as the sales manager right now. He found us, Window Blind Singapore by google search engine, and one of our customers who is his friend also strongly recommends us to him. He got his flat recently, and he needs the curtains for his entire house. After some constructive meetings with us, he finally got the materials he wants from our fabric library. When we completed installing his curtains, we thrilled him with our products, and he recommended more customers to us.

Window Blind Singapore provided excellent products and services for me. Reasonable good price, thumb-up attitude from their sales team, and highly recommended. - Lin Jingsi

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