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Curtain Track Rails In Singapore

Updated: May 6, 2020


The Flexible Curved Curtain Tracks

If you encounter an L-shape window, U-shape window or even some funny, odd shape window, you have to turn to flexible curved curtain tracks which can bend to any shape and angle you desired. Almost as similar as the straight curtain track except for the dimension. The size of the curved curtain with the runners is 12 mm width and 45 mm height which enable them to bend. Can we bend the standard straight curtain tracks? No way because the 23 mm diameter of the curtain tracks is too thick unless you are Incredible Hulk. You can put up the single or double curtain tracks anywhere you like whether on wall and ceiling, but the excellent option of installing these rails is when you have curtain pelmet. To ensure better-operating smoothness, Window Blind Singapore encourage using curtain tracks rails or bendable curved tracks are the smart choices.

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