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  • K H Fred Chua

Timber wooden blinds suit the themes of classical and oriental

Long for the natural feel of a pastoral countryside? This feeling of nostalgia can be easily be settles with a swift installation of timber wooden blinds. The beauty of these window blinds lies in its lovely brownish hue and the comforting neatness of its horizontal layout wooden slats. In order to integrate into the woody classical or oriental design themes, timber wooden blinds are the window coverings for you should desire as an complement even to your wooden flooring or furnishings. You should love and pamper yourself with a little naturalistic spot right in the bare heart of the city.

These timber wooden blinds can be called as slat blinds, which fabricate of many horizontal wooden slats, usually of tropical timber, cedar, nyatoh or ramin connected with string such that they can be rotated to allow light to pass between the wooden slats, rotated up to around 165 degrees to hide the light, or pulled up on top so that the entire window is clear. consist of all slats of stiffened timber pieces hanging by one end from top hung of a track. For contrasting purposes, a pair oe even 2 pair of 20mm width fabric tapes can be used to decorate this type of timber blinds.

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