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  • K H Fred Chua

The Outdoor Bamboo Chick Blind In Singapore

Understand more about the outdoor bamboo chick blinds in Singapore

​​Bamboo blinds or you may call bamboo chick in Singapore are hand-crafted window treatment products which always widely seen in the outdoor area, such as the balcony, yard or car porch. Nowadays, Bamboo finishes are becoming more viral amongst interior designers, architects, and builders due to its strong command element in Asian Eastern design. Moreover, Bamboo is the fastest growing plants on the planet, and it is eco-friendly.This type of window shutter can paint in black and white or even other colors that you preferred. However, external rain able pour would able to penetrate into this shades unless a PVC backing with various choices of colors added to the cover, but the breeze cannot filter in and this makes the interior of the house warm. To blend in design theme, installing outdoor bamboo chick blinds can achieve a magical ambiance of Zen, colonial, oriental and rustic feel towards the surrounding. Besides being a fantastic decorative tool for the house or outdoor, bamboo chick blinds in Singapore are also more cost-effective compared to modern outdoor roller blinds window shades. Depend on its quality and sizes, to install the bamboo blinds can easily cost you a few hundred to thousand and they can charge around S$5.50 to S$7.00 per square foot. To understand more about the uniqueness of the outdoor bamboo chick blinds, please log in to

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