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Rainbow Blinds in Singapore

The new trend of rainbow blinds in Singapore

Rainbow Blinds can be vertical or horizontal, and they can operate by a single or double roller almost as similar as the roller shades but support with two layers of surface fabrics instead of one. The fabric materials consist of two layers of perforated and polyester dim-out or blackout materials rotating at anti-clockwise or clockwise direction by using the string pulley system which controls the amount of light into the room. There is a few name for this type of double fabric layers window blinds which are zebra blinds, combi blinds, Korean blinds, etc.

Advantages of having rainbow blinds

This type of trendy window blinds can fix in most design themes with the right selection of materials from the help of your designers. Rainbow Blinds can adjust the amount of desired light without fully rolled up or down.

Disadvantages of having rainbow blinds

Rainbow Blinds can consider as the most expensive compared to other related window blinds in Singapore. Straps of perforated fabric can easily tear out if they tamper

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