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Vertical Blinds In Singapore

Are vertical blinds more for office use now?

Nowadays in Singapore, you will be only able to see vertical blinds in our working rooms rather in residential. Why is this so? The reason is that the cost of having vertical blinds are cheaper compared to other window blinds and these types of window shades are no more trend for residential. These types of vertical slats blinds come with a various selection of colors for you to choose from and usually, the materials used are dim-out polyester hardboard. The outlook of this window shade consists of many thin polyester slats that hang in front of a window of either offices or houses, which can rotate as a group close with a slight overlap for privacy and light control purposes.

Advantages of having vertical blinds

The amount of surface regarding height it can cover makes it a healthy choice. Vertical blinds prevent Ultra-violet rays from intruding into a room. Besides coverage, it also offers a great unobstructed view of the external.

By getting Vertical Blinds are a practical solution for full-length windows and arched windows. This type of window blinds can be made to measure and to neatly fit within the contours of the round arch.

For cleaning advice on vertical blinds, dusting and dry wiping is only allowed.

Disadvantages of having vertical blinds

External noise can be a significant deterrence for such blinds for some, though. This type pf vertical window blinds open with a rotating with sliding action and the vertical columns collide to make more noise than desirable to some people.

There are high wear and tear as a result of that rotating and sliding motion. Even a small wind causes the blind columns to collide with each other and create some annoying noise levels for some people.

Privacy could potentially be a threat as well with having these vertical blinds. There may be gaps and holes at the ends of such window blinds where the slats touch the wall. Because of this, unwanted light from the sun outside may creep in and provide a sub-optimal dark environment that may desire at times. This problem could also result in allowing other people to peek into a room thereby compromising on privacy severely.

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