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Curtain Track And Rails in Singapore

February 20, 2018


The Full Details About The Curtain Rails In Singapore

You may seem paralyzed when it is time to prepare to choose your curtain hangers for your beautiful curtains. However, you may tend to compare between curtain tracks, curtain rails, the flexible curved tracks, and the curtain rods, which is better? Let us give you the full detail about the curtain track first. For your info, the dimension of the curtain tracks without the runners are 23 mm width by 15 mm height, and with the runners along, they are still 23 mm width by 34 mm height. Our curtain rails track made of quality aluminum metal, and you can install in single, dual, or even triple rail onto your windows. Can they be mounted on the wall, ceiling and even plasterboard false ceiling? The answer is yes. Aluminum curtain tracks can install anywhere with the help of the single ceiling bracket, double ceiling bracket, single wall bracket, and double wall bracket. If you have a board area, there is a need to join two pieces of curtain tracks together by a wall or ceiling bracket to connect a long curtain track. Not only our curtain rails are durable and weather-resistance, if the tracks correctly installed by the professional curtain installers and they can withstand the weight up to 18 kg of curtain fabric. There will be no guarantee of durability if the curtain rails installed by yourself, outsourced handyman and other renovation contractors. It is because they are using a different type of wall plugs and one more reason they are not professional. How many colors do the curtain tracks have on the market? There are three kinds of color, and they are natural color silver, bronze, and white powdered coated.


The Flexible Curved Curtain Tracks

If you encounter an L-shape window, U-shape window or even some funny, odd shape window, you have to turn to flexible curved curtain tracks which can bend to any shape and angle you desired. Almost as similar as the straight curtain track except for the dimension. The size of the curved curtain with the runners is 12 mm width and 45 mm height which enable them to bend. Can we bend the standard straight curtain tracks? No way because the 23 mm diameter of the curtain tracks is too thick unless you are Incredible Hulk.
You can put up the single or double curtain tracks anywhere you like whether on wall and ceiling, but the excellent option of installing these rails is when you have curtain pelmet. To ensure better-operating smoothness, Window Blind Singapore encourage using curtain tracks rails or bendable curved tracks are the smart choices. For more details, visit our page on curtain track rail.

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